Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Craig and Heike's wedding

We know Craig from the Zentropy Partners days (also where Daniel and I met) and though he lives in Chicago now, we keep in touch. He came to our wedding last year, so you might recognize him from there (if you were there). He actually married Heike 2 years ago in the states, but they wanted to do a church wedding in Germany for her family and friends so they organized an event in the Bodensee area (extreme south of Germany on Swiss border) where she is from.
We drove down with Felix (also from the ZP era) and Sara, and though we thought we had plenty of time to get there, we got stuck in a long STAU (traffic jams common here) and were not doing well on time at all. We ended up changing our clothes for the wedding at a wooded rest area and arriving at the church about 20 minutes late. Not that we missed much since it was a catholic wedding and nearly 2 hours long (included a baptism for their 2 1/2 month old daughter Zoe).
They had a great getaway car - a 1930 Ford! We were lucky enough to also get a short ride around town in it. Here are a couple of pictures:
Felix in the front seat
Daniel, Lenore and Sara in the back
The reception was in a church that instead of being restored was simply made into a banquet hall. It looked really cool. And the food was amazing. I was full after the appetizer course, but since the main course was veal with spatzle and chantrelle mushrooms - I ate even more. And then the desserts!! Dancing started around midnight. We left about 2:30 am but Felx and Sara stayed til the end, about 4 am.

We also got a chance to walk around the boardwalk at the lake which was nice. It's an area that's worth going back to, for sure.

The mini-ZP reunion picture

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Linda J said...

love the black/white pics Lenore! Beautiful couple!