Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Passina and Anuga is live! Daniel developed the corporate identity and logo and designed the website. I wrote (most of) the copy. It was launched just in time for the Anuga trade fair (food and drink fair) which we attended on Monday in Cologne.

The fair was of course very different than the book fair - we were in the hall with all the fruit juices and energy drinks so free drink samples were everywhere.

Daniel looking the part at the Pimp Juice stand

We also explored the gourmet food hall a bit where I was excited to see American products such as pastrami and twisslers. I also really liked this new Smooze fruit ice - made with coconut milk so it is lactose free. Yummy.

Passina had hired a band to play at the stand starting at 6 pm and it attracted many dancers and onlookers. After that came to an end, we went to have dinner with the client. I learned many interesting facts about fruit - that's for sure!


Linda J said...

Great job on the website guys! Love the picture of Daniel at the Pimp Juice Stand. CUTE!

Steve said...

Yeah, I feel like such an insider since I've heard about that site for so long. :)

They sold Pimp Juice in Kosovo when I was there. Only place I have ever seen it, haha.