Friday, November 16, 2007

once again in Wichita

Sorry that I haven't managed an update in two whole weeks! I am back in Frankfurt now recovering from jetlag and my Wichita visit was such a whirlwind. A week just isn't enough to catch up with family, friends, American tv and Tori Amos (more on that last one in an upcoming post).

This trip I was able to spend quite a bit of time with Grandma Billie - she was the first one I visited after my dad picked me up from the airport. I also went over two other times and met her and the most of the rest of the family (Aunt Marilyn couldn't make it) for lunch at On the Border on Sunday afternoon. Aunt Linda has great pictures of this event over at her blog.

Plus one of mine for those of you too lazy to click over:

Dad and I also had our quality time together - we looked at laptops (I bought a new one), used books (one of our favorite activities) and spent a lot of time downstairs in front of his huge TV with Sandy and the wild dogs. I watched NCIS for the first time, House in English for once and the movie Shooter.

Speaking of TV, why is it so much better in the US? I hardly ever even bother to turn on my set here. And it is sad that I can't take advantage of all the Internet streaming of episodes over here ("this service is not available in your area"). I streamed two episodes of Lost from last season (all I had time for) and two of new show Chuck with Nick.
An evening at Rachelle and Josh's was also capped off by my first ever viewing of the Office and 30 Rock. Josh cooked an amazing dinner which I can't praise highly enough: butternut squash soup, chicken and potatoes. Yum!
I was also up in Topeka to visit Grandma Dugan (who knew she knew us and pretended to know our names - I think she thought I was her Aunt Lenore) and in KC to visit Andi. We tried out Le Peep for lunch and her kids, Phoebe and Eliot, certainly enjoyed their Chunky Monkey smoothie:

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