Monday, March 18, 2013

Level 2 for Libraries

Surfacing today from the revision cave (working through a very long editorial letter for Level 3) to talk a bit about libraries.

Growing up, I practically lived at the library.  I was that girl who stalked the new releases shelf relentlessly and read between the stacks. My backpack was always weighed down by books. My library card was worn and chipped.

I was blessed to have access to libraries with shelves full of both classics and brand-new titles. I know not everyone is.  Whenever I read about library budgets being slashed, or see teens talking about how their libraries get very few new books, I'm heartbroken.  Of course I wish every library could provide every book that their patrons desire.

Last week, I made an offer on twitter to YA librarians -- if they had been unable to purchase LEVEL 2 for their collections because of budget cuts, I said I would be happy to donate one.  My thinking was that such a donation is a win-win. Librarians can offer their patrons something new, and LEVEL 2 is available to even more readers.

The response was so positive, I've decided to make the offer again, this time to my blog readers who may not have seen the tweets.

So, if you're a YA librarian at a community or school library in the US and you'd like to add LEVEL 2 to your collection but couldn't order it because of budget concerns, please fill out this form.  I'll send a copy to the first ten librarians that respond.

Long live libraries!

Find out more about LEVEL 2 at my website.


Amy said...

aw taht's a really lovely offer, Lenore, their collections will be richer for having Level 2 in them!

Zibilee said...

That is a very generous thing to do, Lenore. I wish more authors would do this, as budget cuts take more and more away from our children's libraries.

Ali said...

This is a great win-win idea, Lenore. Luckily, our library system has a budget to buy new YA books (17 copies of Level 2!) but I know many of the smaller libraries are struggling so much these days.

Anonymous said...

What you're doing is really great. I live in Greece and libraries are majorly ignored! Almost no one visits them. I've been to a few but they don't cary any of the books i like (practically no YA at all!) all they have is the classics, some plays and poetry of very well known artists, and mostly adult. But usually there are no new titles :/

Em said...

I already bought a copy for my library, but I love that you're doing this giveaway! I'll be sure to tell my fellow librarian friends!