Friday, October 12, 2018


The cover of my forthcoming novel was revealed last week, and I neglected to put it on this neglected blog, so I shall remedy that now!

Isn't it magnificent? The cover designer, Emily Harris, really captures the fun energy of the book. I love how she included the glass-shard hearts as they actually appear in a few scenes.

Here's a short summary:

Riley lives in TropeTown, where everyone plays stock roles in novels. Riley, a Manic Pixie Dream Boy, is sent to group therapy after going off-script. Riley knows that breaking the rules again could get him terminated, yet he feels there must be more to life than recycling the same cliches for readers' entertainment. Then he meets Zelda, a Manic Pixie Dream Girl (Geek Chic subtype), and falls head over heels in love. Zelda's in therapy too, along with several other Manic Pixies. But TropeTown has a dark secret, and if Riley and his fellow Manic Pixies don't get to the bottom of it, they may all be terminated.

Sound good? It comes out on March 5, 2019 from Carolrhoda Lab/Lerner but you can already:

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Let me know what you think! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

When Your Husband Reads Your Books

I have been scarce around bloggerdom, and part of the reason is that I got married (for those of you who didn't know). This was over a year ago, and the husband in question is Michael Eisenhour. He's an excellent physical therapist and he brings with him two lovely children in elementary school. I'm now living in the DC area, and am starting to really feel at home here.

Michael leads an active, busy life, so even though he enjoys reading, he doesn't get much down time to devote to it. That's why it has taken him nearly two years from the time he met me to actually read some of my books. Over the summer he read The Memory of After and Chasing Before, and it was a delight to get to discuss the themes with him while walking on the beach at night during our recent vacation to Hilton Head. He really gets what I was trying to do with the series. And he really gets me.

I hope to be back to blogging more regularly now that I am finally settled somewhere. Hopefully some of you are still reading this blog!