Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back to gray

After nearly a month of glorious sunny "nude sunbathing in Grueneburg park (though not by me)" weather, we are back to the rainy overcast skies Frankfurt is famous for. It was so windy on Saturday that the gas wouldn't stay on long enough for us to take decent showers.
But that didn't stop us from going to a Eurovision Song Contest party that evening with Steve and Kelly. The Eurovision final consists of 24 (mostly cheesy) musical acts from around Europe all competing to win the right to stage the event the next year. But since so many eastern European nations have now joined the fun and tend to vote according to political alliances, it is very hard for any western countries to even get in the final (Germany, France, UK and Spain are assured spots since they pay for it) let alone win the thing. In fact, this year, only Greece made the top ten. A very boring Serbia won over the vastly more entertaining Ukraine (tin foil galore!) and poor France, whose entry was actually quite good hardly got any votes (Ireland got the least votes, but deservedly so). Steve and I both liked Belarus' Dmitry Koldun for his (most likely unintentionally) campy "Work your magic" - I still can't get it out of my head. But nothing was so impressive that I would actually purchase it.
Short work week this week since Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day) is on Thursday.

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