Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Level 2 News - The Photo Edition! (+Giveaway!)

Lots of exciting news to share lately!

First, I got a special package in the mail today. From Usborne.

What could it be?

Finished copies of the UK edition of LEVEL 2!

I think this calls for a giveaway, don't you?

Level 2 (UK edition) - Front and Back

I'll send one lucky reader a signed copy of LEVEL 2 (UK edition) + a magnet + 5 signed postcards.  Fill out this form by November 12, 2012 at 11:59 pm CST. Open internationally!

You might have seen this on Facebook, but on October 15, I met Tori Amos before her concert in Berlin and gave her a galley of LEVEL 2.  I pointed out that I thanked her in my acknowledgements, and she told me she plans to read it with her teenage daughter.  How cool is that?!

To also file in the extremely cool fangirl file is this tweet from one of my absolute favorite authors, AS King.

You guys - AS King read my book. And she loved it.  *dies*

I also got a couple more blog reviews that I wanted to share.  Addie of Bookworm Recommendations says:

"Right when I thought dystopias were starting to get cliché, Level 2 brings in a fresh and intriguing new world, and I loved it!" (read the whole review)

And Tirzah of The Compulsive Reader says:

"Lenore Appelhans’ first novel is breathtaking, perfectly paced, and brilliantly written." (read the whole review)

Thank you so much for reading you two!!

And finally, you can listen to Jenna Lamia read an excerpt of the US version of the LEVEL 2 audiobook (from Listening Library) at Books on Tape. I love how she sounds and I can't wait to hear the rest.

68 days to go!

PS - the winner of my contest during the Apocalypsies YAmazing Race is: Kelly L. from The Well Read Redhead. Congrats Kelly!


bermudaonion said...

This is all so exciting! I bet you were swooning standing there by Tori Amos. I'm not entering your contest since I pre-ordered the book from my local indie bookstore!!

Lenore Appelhans said...

Thanks Kathy! I am so excited for you to read it!! And yes, I might have been super nervous talking to Tori, haha.

Rhiannon said...

This is completely amazing Lenore! And it's likely just going to get better!

Melody Simpson said...

OMG finished UK copies! OMG Tori freaking Amos! OMG!!! So happy for you!!!! Ahh!

Lynn K. said...

It looks fabulous! I find it interesting that the UK pubs kept everything same as the US cover, except for those dotted starbursts. :)

January 2013 is just so far away right now..

Lenore Appelhans said...

Thanks Rhiannon and Melody! It's so surreal.

Lynn - The color is also different. UK = red, US = pinkish orangish red.

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

SO exciting! Congrats to you!
And I cannot believe that you met Tori Amos! More exciting :)
Cannot wiat to read Level 2!!!

Melody said...

Congratulations, Lenore! Woohoo!!

Melissa Ward said...


Love how the cats are like "This is a nice box but there' it. Can you take the stuff out? Kthx."

Liviania said...

It's so cool that you got to give a copy to Tori Amos!

Zibilee said...

Oh, Lenore, the fact that you got to give Tori a signed copy really makes me so happy for you!! I love her, and have loved her since I was in high school. This is just the coolest thing ever!!!

Carina Olsen said...

Ohh, that's so awesome :D Happy for you :) And omg. Level 2 looks AMAZING! So jealous. I need this signed copy. <3 Hih. *Fingers crossed* Thank you so much sweetie :) You are amazing. <3
Love, Carina

M.A.D. said...

I'm so excited for you!!! :D
Finished copies!! Woo Hoo!!
And I think your curious furbabies are adorable! <333

chrisa511 said...

Ummm…so wait…Tori has a copy of your book and is going to read it with Tash, A.S. King read and loved your book…and one more time…YOU MET TORI AND SHE HAS YOUR BOOK!!!! UM, I'm fanboying for you over here Lenore! Congrats my dear!!!!!!!!

iffath said...

Aw, YAY FOR YOUR UK GALLEYS! So happy for you, Lenore :)

Anonymous said...

So much excitement in one post! The finished copies are so pretty :)

LinWash said...

So exciting! Glad your book is getting raves.

Beth S. said...

Squee!! So exciting! I listened to the Jenna Lamia excerpt and I love it!

And I know I already told you on FB how awesome it is that TORI freakin AMOS is going to read your book to her daughter, but I think it bears repeating. :)

Christina said...

Lenore, I am so freaking excited for you! That is amazing. Two of your favorite people with your book. I know now how devoted you are to Tori Amos, so that is such a big deal. :)

Also, you and A.S. King loved one another's books. That is ADORABLE.

Kailana said...

How exciting!!! I plan to preorder this, but reading it early would also be nice. :)

Anonymous said...

What great reviews so far! It is so neat to think that Tori Amos will read it. You'll have to keep us posted as to what she thinks. Congratulations!