Friday, May 4, 2007

We now have bikes!

Yesterday, Daniel and I went to a bike shop around the corner and bought bicycles. It makes a lot of sense for him to have one since it will cut down on the time it takes him to get to work (5 min. to ride vs. a 15 min. walk), but I was less enthusiatic about owning one myself. We both got cross bikes so we can ride on trails and in the city.

I have only owned two bikes - my training bike with the banana seat (hey I was 6!) and a bike someone left in our apartment in Japan which I sometimes would use to ride to my friend Synne's place.

The last time I rode a bike was not too successful (just ask Andrea Gr.) and the time before that was nearly 6 years ago on our trip to Burma. Daniel will probably make us take a long bike ride on Sunday, so I let's see how I feel about it after that!


Linda said...

Lenore, I'm so excited to see you've set up a blog! It's definitely a way to keep track of your travels and your life! And the bikes sound fun! Kaitlin has a bike, and I've been wanting to get one; but there are too many other more important bills right now! Have fun on your birthday trip!

Steve said...

I hope the four of us can take a bike ride sometime before we leave.

BTW, I added you to my links on the side of my page!!!