Monday, January 14, 2008

Planet "Sleep"

We've been watching the BBC series Planet Earth that Daniel got from my dad and Sandy for christmas. We really love watching it - only we tend to fall asleep toward the middle of an episode. So the other day when Daniel mistakenly said "Let's watch Planet Sleep", I had to laugh!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lenore!
This is not a comment on your last post, sorry, but the only means of getting in touch with you since I don't have your email address. And I can't really call you 'cause I'm down with a bad flu and can barely talk.
Apart from wanting to say "hi" I wanted to mention that I had my first CandyCaneCocoa yesterday, and it made me feel a lot better! Too bad the antibiotic I'm taking doesn't go well with dairy products so I can only have chocolate milk at lunchtime which is when I least want it... but nevertheless, it was delicious! So thanks again!
How are you and Daniel doing? Everything ok? I hope so!
Hey, and I was wondering... is there any way of getting yours and Walter's pictures you took on Christmas' Eve?
Bye and hugs,
P.S. How was the movies? :)

H a W e ___at___ gmxdotde

Linda said...

hey girl...I understand about the "falling asleep" thing. That's why I don't lay on the couch when I watch TV. I usually sit at my desk in my desk chair so it keeps me upright! Otherwise I'd be snoring like Corby! HA!