Friday, June 13, 2008


This was the second time this week I gave into my addiction to crack sushi - this time I went with Daniel. The waitresses laughed at me as they always do and we sat down. Not too long after, a couple sat down at the table next to us.

The first words out of the girl's mouth were (and I am paraphrasing since the conversation was actually in German): "Ok, let's write down what we need to discuss. Number 1, should we stay together or break up?"

Now how can you NOT eavesdrop on a conversation that begins like that?

She went on: "Number 2, should I do my internship in London or here? Number 3, should we attend school in Boston or go to the European Business School?"

Her list continued and had about 10 topics for discussion in all. The young man didn't have much to add, he merely nodded and grunted occasionally.

I had hoped they would start with discussion topic number 1, but she skipped right to number 3: "So, I checked into going to Boston, and it would be so fun. You can participate in sports! I could be a cheerleader! Just like in all the American movies! We could walk around in our uniforms and everyone would think we are so cool!"

When I heard that, I almost choked on my green tea.

She went on and on, discussing the pros and cons of all their various opportunities, but never got back to topic 1 before we left.

Have you overheard any "noteworthy" conversations lately?


Cindy B said...

Dang, I'm sorry I didn't hear that one. I haven't heard any good ones lately, but for a while, my husband and I couldn't leave the house without being surrounded by loser people and their hilarious conversations. Every time we went to restaurant, it would start. We did finally break the streak, but I'm not sure what did it. Thanks goodness! It was hilarious sometimes, but not something I'm sad to see gone.

Anonymous said...

I posted your link on my blog, if you want to do the same.

Kayla(Midnight Twilight)

PJ Hoover said...

I hear nothing like this! Maybe I don't go to the right restaurants.

Linda said...

HILARIOUS Lenore! I haven't overheard any good conversation lately, perhaps because I've been so busy at work that I haven't been anywhere. It would be interesting to find out if they stay together. Wow, what a list!

paperxxflowers said...

wow. a list? that's... strange.

Janna Leadbetter said...

I don't blame you for listening in... I'd have done the same! My own conversations aren't that even that interesting... ;)