Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Apocalypsies Love! Review: The Gathering Storm by Robin Bridges

Apocalypsies Love is all about me telling you what I loved about a 2012 debut book written by one of the amazing Apocalypsies. I also chat with the author to gain insight into their very favorite parts of their creation.

Today I am spotlighting THE GATHERING STORM, a book set in Tsarist Russia, but re-imagined with vampires and a main character who is a necromancer. 

More than anything else, Katerina wants to be a doctor.  But because Russia doesn't accept women into its medical academies, she is instead expected to get married.  A proposal soon comes from the crown prince of Montenegro, but Katerina is warned that he doesn't want her, but rather her power to raise the dead. And if he gets it, it could mean very bad things for the imperial family and all of Russia.

I was drawn to this novel because I love the Tsarist Russian time period, and the historical details did not disappoint (not that I'm an expert or anything). It definitely made me reaffirm St Petersburg on my travel wishlist. 

I also usually avoid "vampire" books, but I'm pleased to say that the vampires here exuded real evil and set themselves up as actual threats.

Excited to see where this trilogy goes next!

Now let's chat with Robin! 

What is your favorite scene in the book?
Ooh, when Katerina meets Count Chermenensky for the first time, and tries to hide him from the Imperial family. :)

Such a fun scene! What is your favorite line in the book?  
"Merde!"  (Katerina is fond of this word.  So is the author.)
What setting was most fun to write?  
The scenes that take place in the Winter Palace.  I tried hard to convince hubby that I HAD to visit the palace in person to be sure my details were accurate.  He did not believe me.
I hope you get there someday! Who is your favorite supporting character - one you could see getting a spin-off book - and why?
I love poor Count Chermenensky best, I think.  But Princess Alix has already demanded her own short story.

Ooh Alix short story - I'm intrigued. What has been your favorite part of your publishing journey so far? 
Every new step becomes my newest favorite- receiving my edit letter, seeing the cover for the first time, receiving my first ARC, seeing my book in the bookstore.

Gorgeous cover btw. Thanks Robin!


THE GATHERING STORM is now available in hardcover.  Find out more about it at the author's website and add it to Goodreads.

FTC disclosure:  I received this ARC as part of the Amazon Vine program.


Zibilee said...

This sounds like a really fun blend of fantasy and history, and I have to admit that I am more than a little intrigued. I have been reading more YA of late, and your reviews are always so wonderful for steering me in the right direction and helping me find the books that will work for me, Lenore.

I also love that the author tried to convince her husband that she needed to visit the Winter Palace. I can see myself doing something like that too!

The Avid Reader said...

This sounds like a great story, and really different from what I've been reading lately... I've added it to my wish list!

Jamie said...

I'm SOOO excited for this one. I actually featured it on my top ten tuesday for books I'm most excited for in 2012. YAY. I freaking love Russian literature (which people think I'm weird for AND reading books that take place in Russia...and this one sounds AMAZING.