Friday, June 15, 2012

BEA 2012 Recap

Because I feel like I packed a month's worth of activities into one week, this BEA recap is going to be super long. Just warning you!

The week gets off to a great start with an upgrade on my Frankfurt- NYC flight. I love Delta Airlines!

Once I check into my first hotel, Posh and Meghan (of Forever Young Adult) and I head out to Brooklyn to have cocktails at the Clover Club with Leila Sales, Siobhan Vivian and Natalie Standiford. YUM! (photo by Sarah Pitre)

Brunch with Posh, Megan, Leila, and Faye (Little, Brown) and Emily (Scholastic) at Penelope.

Cocktail panel with the FYA girls and cool bloggers such as Tara, Jamie, Michelle, Anna, April and Allison.

S&S blogger preview featuring fab authors including ... me!  They had LEVEL 2's cover framed behind the bar!

Here I am being interviewed by Jenny Han. (Photo via Sgundell) Sheila of Book Journey also has a snippet of video up.

I got to hold my ARC of LEVEL 2 for the very first time.  It was Mitali's copy (that she finished reading in the bathroom at the event) and I signed it for her. Exciting! (Photo credit: Sarah Pitre)

Met up with my Agave group: Nicole, Kathy, Candace, Dawn, Lydia, Julie, Jenn, Trish, and Miriam.


Tour of Simon & Schuster. Got to meet my publicist Anna, chat with the sales team (who is overwhelmingly Team Julian), see alternate cover poses with cover designer Lizzy Bromley, and go out to lunch with my editor.  Editorial assistant Amy also gave me awesome postcards to hand out and a couple of LEVEL 2 ARCs. YAY!

FYA cocktail panel with Bennett Madison, Siobhan Vivian, and Chelsy & Brittany (of Big Honcho) at Sweet & Vicious.

HarperTeen Blogger Preview where cover designers Alison (who I know from HS in Ohio) and Tom gave an amazing presentation on cover design and we got really excited about fall titles such as Emily Hainsworth's THROUGH TO YOU (which we didn't get ... but I did get INSIGNIA by SJ Kincaid). Finally met Adam S.!

Briefly caught the tail-end of HarperCollins's Blogger Party and got to say hi to a ton of blogger pals.

Dinner with Mike Mullin and his wife.


Breakfast with Apocalypsies Hilary Graham, AC Gaughen, and Sarah Tregay, followed by a quick BEA floor visit with Hilary.  She might have compared me to Bono after I reconnected with many a blogger pal.

The YA Editor's Buzz Panel made me even more excited for WHAT'S LEFT OF ME (which Katiebabs gifted me), SKINNY (which I picked up at Scholastic's booth) and CREWEL (which I didn't get).

Walked the floor with Katiebabs.  We stopped by the Simon & Schuster booth where Justin Chanda was wearing a button that said "Ask me about LEVEL 2". If you asked him about it, you got one of the precious few ARCs. I might have sent an ambush of people towards him ...

Met up with Trish and Lauren Morrill for lunch.

I stood in a couple of signing lines and got FEEDBACK by Robison Wells and THE SPINDLERS by Lauren Oliver.

Apocalypsies Meet & Greet! This was CRAZY AWESOME.  Despite a room switch snafu, we had a huge turnout and people loved the dance cards. (picture taken from Kim Sabatini's BEA recap)

Thank you to all my fellow Apocs, to Michelle & Shanyn of Literary Logistics and to everyone who came for making this a super successful event! KM Walton has a few pics of the event. Gretchen McNeil talks it up.  RT Book Reviews has some photos and links. And we even appeared in the Publishers Weekly BEA roundup!

Gretchen McNeil, Fiona Paul, Sarah Tregay and I then rushed off to Teen Author Carnival, stopping in at Chipotle for a quick dinner. Gretchen shared her make-up secrets!

I was on a panel at TAC called From A Whole Other World.  When asked if I had a hidden talent, I pulled out the USB drive I had stored in my bra after the Apocalypsies event for lack of pockets. The fab Donna of First Novels Club has a TAC recap as does Frankie Diane.  I also tried to steal Victoria Schwab's copy of THE ARCHIVED to no avail ...

Then it was off to Little Brown's party for Libba Bray's THE DIVINERS. Libba sang and it was awesome. April and I drank Amaretto Sours from teacups (prohibition, y'all!).

Finally, Sarah, Jenny and I hailed a cab and headed off to the Foundry party in Brooklyn where I finally met PJ Bracegirdle (author of one of my fave middle grade series JOY OF SPOOKING). By the time we got back to our hotel at far past 1 am, my feet were swollen.  What a day.


Packed up all my stuff so I could change hotels. From here on out I roomed with Michelle. We had an interesting taxi ride to the Javits ...

Met Diana Peterfreund and Mari Mancusi for breakfast.

Met my audio book editor from Listening Library and had overpriced tea.

Went to stand in line for Marie Lu's PRODIGY (which I could not stop calling PATRIOT). This line was super fun! I got to chat with Frankie & Donna, Christina, Grace, Sandy, Melissa, Jenny Z. and others.  A very excited librarian named Hillary was standing in line in front of me and when she saw LEVEL 2, she asked me if she could read it in line. You guys - by the time the signing started, she was half done, and so into it ... I let her keep it. (Now you know a secret way to get LEVEL 2).

Ran into Phoebe North and we walked around together a bit, hitting up Egmont for Ilsa Bick's ASHES for one.

Headed over to the Rachel Cohn BETA signing but met Susan of Wastepaper Prose on the way. She gave me a copy so instead of waiting in a long line, I got to sit down and chat with her and Stacey from Pageturners Blog.

Then I really did go to the Autographing area where I got a picture book for Daniel (BIG MEAN MIKE), PUSHING THE LIMITS by Katie McGarry, TIME BETWEEN US by Tamara Ireland Stone (which I've already read, but want to collect every edition possible, it is THAT awesome) and CROAK by Gina Damico.

At this point, I was ready to go.  Went back to the hotel and got to talk to Daniel on the phone for the first time all week!

Penguin Bird Bash. This was low-key and fun, with tons of opportunities to chat with blogger friends (Swapna aka S.K. Love!, Alix, Allison, etc), publicists/marketing gurus (Anna, Marisa, and Lydia) and authors (Marie Lu!). Trish and I got this fun picture taken:

Author/Blogger rooftop party. This was swanky, you guys.  If I hadn't have been so tired, I would've stayed longer. Amazing views, food, company, raffles (I won a Starbucks giftcard!) and even cupcakes with my book cover on them! Detailed recap by Liza.  Here's me with Stacey and Shannan from Girls in the Stacks:


MacMillan breakfast. Lovely to see Ksenia again! And Susan brought me a copy of Alexandra Bracken's THE DARKEST MINDS (<3).

Jenny (FYA) and I headed uptown to get Magnolia cupcakes and to Sephora to make me over before my author video filming at S&S.

Scheduled nap time.

Cocktails at the Algonquin with Candace, Kathy, Dawn, Jenn, Trish and Michelle followed by dinner with Chelsy, Brittany, Ana, Thea, Trish and Jenn at the super trendy Empellon where they make everything (even the cocktails) with Jalepenos. Chelsy then took us to a dive bar where she and Thea defeated me and Ana by one measly point in Scrabble. Though, really, is OM a word?


Met my foreign rights agent for a chat.

Took a taxi with Michelle and Anna over to the Paper Lantern Lit party in Brooklyn. Met Angie M. and had a ton of fun conversations with friends. Also - Charlie the cat was soooo sweet!


My first bookstore panel - Lauren Oliver and Friends - at Books of Wonder. A couple of copies of LEVEL 2 were raffled off and a few people who'd won copies at TAC came to have them signed. Also - Hillary the Librarian from the Marie Lu signing line came and gushed about LEVEL 2, so I was glad that I gave her my copy. Also fun to see Adam S. again!

Mitali might have made me pose like the girl on the cover.

Lunch with Mitali, Britta and Lauren Morrill before heading off to the airport to fly back to Germany.  Upgraded again as the perfect end to a wonderful week in NYC!

Kilometers walked (according to my step counter, which I didn't wear all the time): 60
Books brought back with me: 19
Bottles of BURN FOR BURN sunscreen I ended up with: 3
Text messages sent (at 50 euro cents a piece): 37
BEA recaps read: Approximately 30? Including BEA Superlatives, Word for Teens at BEA 2012, Nerd Out with your Book Out, Galleysmith at BEA 2012, Bites at BEA 2012 and many more. (If you have one I should read, please link me up!)

Whew! Sorry if I missed anyone in this recap. I have trouble remembering 5 minutes ago, let alone last week.


bermudaonion said...

Holy kamole! I'm glad I was able to see you in all that craziness!

Serena said...

Sounds like you had a great time and congrats on the book...the cover looks great!

Sandy Nawrot said...

OK, I am exhausted. I bet it was tiring typing up this recap! I am thrilled at the new twist that BEA has taken on for you this time around. I have a feeling your life is going to be hectic from now on...

Cecelia said...

Wow! You really packed in the activities - good thing they all sound fun! I was so glad to be able say 'hi' to you at the Apocalypsies event. By the way, that event? Was a great idea and made it fun to socialize with and meet new-to-me authors.

Hope you have some time to rest and recover!

Kimberly Sabatini said...

I'm seriously tired just reading that LOL! Awesome recap and I'm reading Level 2 now!!!! <3

Beth S. said...

What a whirlwind! Sounds like an AMAZING week! Is is surreal sitting behind the desk signing books now?

BTW... I FINALLY convinced Johnathon that we need to get rid of our United visa and get the Delta AmEx so we can start earning miles on an airline we actually WANT to fly... and maybe even make some sort of medallion status eventually! I still remember talking about that in your kitchen last summer and it's stayed with me all this time.

Christina said...

Wow, you are so ready for the sun!

That pic of you posing like the girl on the cover is so cute!

It was lovely to meet you! :)

Lexie said...

AWESOME recap. Posts like this make me incredibly sad that I couldn't attend, but they also make me incredibly happy, because it's so fantastic to see this one place, once a year, where everyone in attendance treats books like the coolest things in existence.

Anna said...

Love the recap and LOVED seeing so much of you! :)

roro said...


Beth Kephart said...

sounds phenomenal. it was so fun to see you briefly (accidentally). congrats on all the goodness, Lenore.

Mary @ BookSwarm said...

Your BEA marathon was definitely more marathon-y than mine! 60k? That's amazing! I know you don't remember me but I did meet you and you gave me a magnet, which is now residing on my fridge, where it belongs. I also got my hands on an ARC, which I'm super-excited about. Great to meet you and yay for a fun and completely exhausting BEA week!

trish said...

I look bloated.

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

Wow--you did a lot! Love this recap--but not as much as I loved seeing you! Can't wait to dive into Level 2--it's sitting high up on my reading pile.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

That is a great post! Like Kathy said, glad I was able to hang with you a little bit too with your crazy busy schedule!

I am a pinhead, I did not get my copy of Level 2 signed.... GAH

Donna (Bites) said...

It was great seeing you again, Lenore! Even if it was just for a few minutes.

Elodie said...

So wait...basically I have to run into you in Frankfurt, when you happen to have an ARC of Level 2 in your hands...and we have to wait in line (hmmm movies, at the bookstore?).
It sounds like you had a blast in NYC. I happened to be in the city for the last days of my honeymoon and even got to go to TAC. I´m sorry I missed you there but it looks like you may have been a tad busy :D

Donna Gambale said...

As always, it was so awesome to see you. And I kept calling PRODIGY "PATRIOT," too -- glad I wasn't the only one! Can't wait to read LEVEL 2!

KT Grant said...

Loved seeing you again at BEA :) Fun times and many pretty books. *clutches copy of Level 2 close*

BookChic said...

My recaps will be coming up in the following weeks, though I'll be writing them sometime this week.

And wow, either that girl is a fast reader or you must've been in that signing line for a LONG time.

Great recap and tons of meals with fabulous people! I'm glad I got to see you a few times and that I got a Level 2 ARC!! Also, you spent plenty of time at the rooftop party- it had been 2.5 hours by the time we left, lol.

poshdeluxe said...

Excellent recap, lady.


Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

ow, this is a seriously fun post! Sounds like a very VERY packed adventure. I think I would have been a very happy but tired pile of mush by the end.