Friday, July 27, 2012

Apocalypsies Love! Auracle by Gina Rosati

Apocalypsies Love is all about me telling you what I loved about a 2012 debut book written by one of the amazing Apocalypsies. I also chat with the author to gain insight into their very favorite parts of their creation.

Today I'm featuring AURACLE, a paranormal/contemporary where the main character, Anna, can project herself astrally but gets stranded when a dead girl takes over her body.

I was super excited to read this because I remember reading a few novels featuring astral projection in Jr High and loving them.  The concept of AURACLE gives me shivers - because that is the big fear - that if you leave your body, someone else will snatch it right up and you won't be able to get it back. And Rosati delivers the creepy goods. We see the good parts of astral projection (Anna can go some amazing places - like inside volcanos), but then we quickly see the huge consequence. An accident victim takes over Anna's body and blames Anna's friend Seth for her murder. 

Anna only really has one person on her side: Rei, her best friend who could be something more. Rei knows about Anna's ability and he knows something's not right.  It was sweet seeing the two of them trying find ways to communicate with Anna body-less. And you definitely root for them as they try to get Anna's body back to prevent Seth from going to prison. 

You want to read this, trust me.

And now, let's chat with Gina!

What is your favorite scene in the book?

My favorite scene in Auracle would have to be when Rei and Seth get back from their run (pages 23-26). That's the moment when Anna realizes that the skinny little kid she grew up next door to is no longer skinny, little or a kid ;)

What is your favorite line in the book?

There used to be more of a fantasy element to Auracle, and all the fairies, gnomes and talking trees were cluttering up the paranormal element of astral projection. When my editor suggested I cut the fantasy element out, I had this one line I loved so much, I agonized over how I could keep it. The line is, "And that's not a weeping willow," I inform. "It's a peeping willow."

Ha! Love it! What setting was most fun to write? 

I had to seriously restrain myself not to go overboard with setting description in Auracle. Because Anna can astrally project and has access to the entire universe, I spent weeks researching supernovas, planets, asteroids, and dozens of cool places here on Earth. In the end, much of the description and many of her astral trips were trimmed because it all slowed down the action. The setting that's the most fun to work with is Byers Falls - here in New Hampshire where I live, we have a few waterfalls that inspired the fictitious Byers Falls that you'll read about in Auracle. If you ever get a chance to go sit near a waterfall, do it ... they can evoke a whole range of emotion, from tranquil to romantic to terrifying. And stay away from the edge!

Who is your favorite supporting character - one you could see getting a spin-off book - and why?

I love Callie!! We don't see any of Callie's backstory in Auracle, but she's grown up with four older brothers who have taught her to say what she means without apologizing for her opinions. Her family owns an upscale Mediterranean restaurant, and in addition to her brothers and her parents, she lives with two grandmothers who bring a lot of culture (and philosophy) to her life. If anyone can teach Seth to trust women, it's Callie.

What has been your favorite part of your publishing journey so far?

It's all been good! I even loved the bloody, slashing parts of editing because it made the story that much stronger. My favorite part will be seeing the hardcover of Auracle available at my local libraries!

Thanks Gina!

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AURACLE will be released in hardcover on August 7. Find out more about it at the author's website.

FTC disclosure: The author sent me an ARC for review. 


Zibilee said...

I was really interested in Astral Projection in high-school as well, and used to meditate often. This is such a cool idea for a book, and I would love to see where Rosati goes with it. It sounds like it's got the perfect dose of magic and realism, and I will be interested in finding out more when I read this one. Great review and interview today, Lenore and Gina!

Joanne Levy said...

I adored Auracle and can't wait for it to come out, so the world can love it, too. Ha! Loved the peeping willow line!

Thanks for the great interview!