Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Apocalypsies Love! Book Review: Send Me A Sign by Tiffany Schmidt

Apocalypsies Love is all about me telling you what I loved about a 2012 debut book written by one of the amazing Apocalypsies. I also chat with the author to gain insight into their very favorite parts of their creation.

Today I'm featuring SEND ME A SIGN, a YA novel about a girl who gets cancer, but it's NOT a cancer book.

See, I don't read cancer books.  My mother died of cancer when I was a teen, and I can't handle cancer in books to this day. But many friends assured me that SEND ME A SIGN is not about the cancer and that I'd I be fine.  

The first part of that assurance is pretty much true.  Mia is part of the popular clique at school, has sort of boyfriend Ryan and is about to start her senior year.  Her mother convinces her she can keep her cancer diagnosis secret - and Mia agrees because she doesn't want to be "cancer girl". The only person she tells is her best friend Gyver.  

So the focus isn't on the cancer, but much more about Mia's changing perception of her friends, family and the two main boys in her life, Ryan and Gyver. And I totally loved Gyver. 

However - I wasn't quite fine reading this. There's a very loaded emotional event towards the end that made me have to skip a whole chapter (it wasn't related to the cancer but to another of my deal-breakers in books, which I won't mention here since I don't want to spoil it).

Still, I'm happy I took a chance on SEND ME A SIGN. It's incredibly life-affirming and contains such a sweet, giddy-making romance.  

And now, let's give the floor to Tiffany!

What is your favorite scene in the book?

Without giving away too much, it involves pajamas, a hat, purple boxer shorts, a blush, and a dead sexy "C'mere."

What is your favorite line in the book?
“I figured the best way to cure her of being superstitious was to give her a black cat named Jinx on a Friday the Thirteenth.”

What setting was most fun to write?
This question made me mentally scroll through all the settings in Send Me a Sign -- and made me realize how much of this book takes place in a BED. There are the hospital beds, of course, but there are also significant scenes in Mia's, Ryan's and Gyver's.

I'm starting to think this must be my subconscious chastising me for all the sleep I sacrificed while writing.

Who is your favorite supporting character - one you could see getting a spin-off book - and why?
There's one character who HAUNTS me because he grew so much throughout the book and yet doesn’t get a happily ever after. I realize he's fictional, but there have truly been many nights where I've lain in bed and felt guilty. I tried so many different, happier endings for him, but none of them felt true.

I'd love to explore where he goes next. And maybe if I gave him his own book, he'd let me get some sleep?

What has been your favorite part of your publishing journey so far?
This answer changes hourly! (ALL the parts are my favorite... eh, all the parts except waiting...) Today's sappy response comes courtesy of my toddler twins. They came bounding into the kitchen this morning each holding one of my author copies and proudly announced, "Momma book."

After I pried the books out of pudgy hands, checked for rips and sticky fingerprints, and moved the box out of reach, I had this moment of teary-eyed realization: They are ALWAYS going to think of me as an author. They're never going to know that I had all those seasons of doubt and will-I-ever-make-it?

Yes, that is “Momma’s book,” and I’m so proud of it.

Thanks Tiffany!

SEND ME A SIGN is available in hardcover now. Find out more about it at the author's website.

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bermudaonion said...

Wow, this sounds like a very emotional book.

Shell Flower said...

This book sounds awesome. I haven't heard about the Apocalypsies, either, but I love an apocalypse, so I'll have to check it out. The story about the twins in so cute. "Momma's book." Right on momma!

Zibilee said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Lenore, I didn't know about your mom. I imagine that I wouldn't want to read a book about cancer if it struck me like it struck your family, and I can relate, as my step-father is slowly fading from it now. I think it took a lot of guts to read this, and though I don't think it's a book that I can handle right now, maybe I will read it in the far future.

Christina said...

Whoa, you had to skip a chapter? I am so curious now! This one I know I'll be reading at some point. Glad you loved it overall. :)

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I've read about the first fifty pages of this and am really liking it so far. I'm very interested in finding out what the big emotional event is...

Christina Farley said...

Such great questions. I love the cover of the book. I'm sorry about your mom Lenore.