Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review: Override by Heather Anastasiu

OVERRIDE is the sequel to GLITCH (my review).

Zoe is free of the Community, but she's still in great danger.  Hiding out with the Foundation rebels, Zoe is part of the plot to overthrow the Chancellor and liberate everyone, but the Chancellor has plans of her own ...

GLITCH got the zombie chicken merit badge for romance, and while Adrien is still a presence here, I have to give OVERRIDE the badge for twists because --- whoa!  Lots of stuff I didn't see coming leading up to an amazing showdown that sets up SHUTDOWN perfectly.

OVERRIDE comes out this Tuesday, Feb 12th. Find out more about the series on the author's website.

FTC disclosure: I beta-read the manuscript for the author.


Archaznable said...

this might be a good book to read thanks for your review

Zibilee said...

I like twists and good romantic elements, so I think I would enjoy this one. It sounds rather intriguing, and I am glad that it sets up everything for the next book in the series. Need to check this, and the previous book out.