Friday, May 24, 2013

The Gilmore Girls Watch Along Part 2

Realizing we needed to catch up on some popular TV series of days past, Melody of Hollywood The Write Way and I decided to do a Watch Along. We took a vote and Gilmore Girls won. Melody has the guidelines for Week Two on her blog.

On to this week's episodes! (Season 1, episodes 8-12)

Love and War and Snow

Snow is coming town, and Lorelei loves snow. She has a date with Max (who just "happens" to be stranded there) and she invites him into her house, breaking a rule she's always had to protect Rory. Rory has dinner with her grandparents as usual, as has to spend the night due to the bad roads. Lane feels like Rory doesn't have time for her anymore.Several great reaction shots in this ep. Luke looked really disappointed when he saw Lorelei cavorting in the snow with Max. Lane was grossed out/envious of Rory and Dean kissing. After all the talk about running hands through hair (Lane did it to her crush and was mortified), Lorelei ran hers through Max's hair, which was hilar.

I also loved that Rory teaches her grandparents the joys of frozen pizza ("something you'd eat at a carnival" says a scandalized Emily).

Rory promises Lane that they'll spend more time together, so I hope this happens!

Reminds me of my own teen life: I can understand Lane's feelings of being left out because her best friend is dating someone. Very well.

Rory's Dance

There's a big dance at Chilton, and Emily insists that Rory go. Rory asks Dean, and he agrees. Emily comes over to witness the pre-dance festivities and get photos, but is alarmed that Dean honks instead of coming to the door. Also, Rory and Dean end up falling asleep and staying out all night.

Paris' date admits he's Paris' cousin, but Rory doesn't seem to care. Paris confronts Rory about it, and ends up revealing this pathetic fact to her whole class herself. Paris seems to be her own worst enemy!

Rory and Dean clarify their relationship -- awww! And they fall asleep reading together - double awww!

The fight that ensues early the next morning when Rory comes in at 5:30 am is very illuminating. Lorelei seems more upset by the fact that Emily witnesses Rory's mistake more than she's upset by the mistake itself - which Rory calls her on. Emily tells Lorelei point blank that she's disappointed in her and afraid that her way of bringing Rory up is going to result in Rory making the same bad choices. But really - Lorelei's style implies way more trust than Emily's ever did, and Rory is very concerned about keeping this trust.

Reminds me of my own teen life: I went to three high school dances. Only one of them was with an actual date.

Forgiveness and Stuff

Lorelei is disinvited to Emily's annual Christmas bash, and Richard has a health scare.

I loved Lane's speech about the importance of choosing a gift, and that if you choose the wrong one, you might end up at a Korean Bible Camp for the summer. Ha!

And great Luke-Lorelei interaction: he makes her a special Santa burger! He closes down shop to drive her to the hospital.

Reminds me of my own teen life: Visiting the hospital. Unfortch.

Paris is Burning

Lorelei gets scared and decides she should break up with Max for Rory's sake. Then she's caught kissing Max on teacher's day by Paris.

No Dean? Sacrilege!

An interesting look at Lorelei's thought process and how she's tried to shape her dating life so it doesn't affect Rory. It was pretty cold how she scoffed at Sookie for her lack of dating though - good for Sookie that she asked someone out!

Looks like Paris and Rory have the first kindlings of non-hate!

Reminds me of my own teen life: We didn't have parents' day, but I did go to a friend's school and pretend to be an exchange student from Spain. And people believed me.

Double Date

Lane asks Rory to set her up with Dean's friend and Sookie has her first date with Jackson but begs Lorelei to go with her as a date for Jackson's cousin Rune.

Rune is horrified by Lorelei's height, and doesn't want to go on their double date. Lane discovers that Todd is boring, and probably not worth lying to her mother to go out with.

Hilarious line from Lorelei to Rory after Rory lies about her plans. "I have to know where you are at all times, especially when you're wearing my shoes."

Reminds me of my own teen life: Strict mother like Lane's FTW!

Concert Interruptus

Sookie gets 4 tickets to The Bangles in concert.  They end up giving their good seats to Rory and her Chilton classmates and buying some nosebleed seats.

Love this sign at the town rummage sale: "Drop off here - Nothing alive or gross."

I did a little squee when The Bangles sang Eternal Flame.

Rory and Paris have a heart to heart.  Paris defends Tristan, but Rory says she thinks Paris could do better.

Lorelei goes looking for the two classmates who ditch the concert to party with boys. She knocks on all the apartment doors. Love the lady who says "I don't talk to anybody. People annoy me."

Reminds me of my own teen life:  I didn't go to my first concert until I was 18. It was in Ecuador, a band from Argentina called Vilma Palma y Vampiros.

More to come next week!

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Sam said...

I desperately love Gilmore Girls; this was awesome to see on my feed. I started watching it in 11th grade and am still rewatching episodes in college. It's got such great relationships.

Melody Simpson said...

The frozen pizza moment was so funny! I love that you said Paris seems to be her own worst enemy. Totally agree! That exchange student experience of yours is hysterical!

Anonymous said...

I was late to the Gilmore Girls, but quickly became a fan :-)

Safari Poet

Mia said...

This is nice! I've only seen seasons 4-7 of Gilmore Girls but this year I started watching from season 1 :) I'm on season 3 now! Happy watching^^