Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Memory Chronicles News (with obligatory cat photo)

The Memory of After paperbacks have arrived at my house (!!!) and Lu snagged one for himself already.

The paperback version of Level 2, The Memory of After will available in stores September 3rd.  It includes a cross-section of a Level Two hive as well as a sneak peek of Chasing Before, the sequel due Summer 2014.

I'm running a quick Goodreads giveaway for 4 copies of the autographed paperback  (Lu can't hoard them all) so enter here by August 30th.

Oh - have you ever wondered why there are no celebrities in Level Two? Well, now you can find out the reason at Scott Reads It as part of the Authors are Rockstars Tour!

Also, less than a week until the Chasing Before cover is revealed. I'm so excited for you all to see it -- it fits the story so well and also looks amazing next to The Memory of After cover. :D 


Alessandra said...

So cute!!! The cat, I mean. And the book too, of course :)

The Cover Contessa said...

Oh I need one!!!! EEP!

caite said...

Book, what book? Look at that kitty!