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Blog Tour: The Fearless by Emma Pass (A Day in the Life of a Writer)

In the mood for some action-packed post-apocalyptic intrigue that's also a standalone? Then you've come to the right place!

The world changed when Cass was ten years old. A cure developed for soldiers' PTSD turned them into highly functioning zombies who took over the world in a matter of weeks. Cass's family had connections, so she was whisked away to the safety of an island community called Hope. Seven years later, the real world comes calling in the form of a fearless girl who kidnaps her younger brother Jori.

Told from three perspectives to get the most wide-ranging perspectives on this frightening new reality, THE FEARLESS leads you on a harrowing journey where not everyone is who they seem to be.

Find out more about THE FEARLESS. Out now in the UK, coming in early 2015 to the US.

I'm thrilled to welcome Emma to the blog today to talk about what her dream writing day looks vs her actual writing day. 

The Dream

I begin the day with some yoga or a gentle run – it's a well-known fact that getting the endorphins flowing boosts creativity. After that, I eat breakfast and drink a cup of green tea before disappearing into my study. And it's still only 6am!

I love my study. Spacious and lined with bookshelves, it's flooded with natural light and has a view over fields and woods. I boot up my computer and, with soft classical music playing over the speakers, I dive back into the story I'm writing. The words flow like water. This is my best book yet – my editor is going to love it. With 2K written before lunch, there's time to go for another run. Then it's back to it. By the end of the day, I have 4K written and the end is in sight. Perfect! Now for a light, healthy dinner, and perhaps a movie – I've earned it!

The Reality

Peel open an eyelid. Crap. It's 9am already. Why did I stay up so late last night watching TV? Better get up. G-Dog needs feeding. And I need coffee. COFFEE.

Stumble downstairs. Start to spoon coffee into dog bowl before realizing mistake. Somehow get dog fed and self caffeinated. Stumble into living room (I don't have a study; my office is the sofa). Better switch on the computer and start writing, seeing as my deadline is, like, a week away. But I need to check my emails. And Facebook. And Twitter. And my emails again. And look, there's a funny story about cats on The Poke…

Argh! 11am already. Right. Time to do some work. Oh, wait, G-Dog needs a walk. Better take him or he'll start barking at me and running circuits round the living room.

12pm. TIME TO START WORK. Actually, I'm a bit hungry. What's for lunch?

1pm. Come on, brain. 1K words today or else. Ugh, look at the dust under the armchairs! I need to clean this house now.

3pm. OK. House is clean. That's much better. I can think now. Time to – Wait, I have 10 new emails? Better check them. They might be important.

Dammit, they're all from Amazon. OK. I really must stop messing about and WORK. If only I wasn't so stuck with this chapter. Why the hell did I leave my heroine adrift in a hot air balloon? Maybe I should just delete this bit and start again.

4.30pm. I've written 200 words! That deserves a Facebook break, surely.

6pm. Argh, is it that time already? G-Dog needs feeding again. And there's no time to cook. Thank goodness the local Chinese delivers. It's a bit embarrassing that they know me by name, but never mind…

9pm. 500 words. Hooray! I'd better take G-Dog for another walk – he's giving me The Look. And then I'm going to get an early night. No, really…

Thank you Emma! My writing day looks pretty similar to the latter, substituting cats for the dog...

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Emma Haughton said...

You've been in my house, spying on me, haven't you, Emma?! You have totally plagiarised my day :-)