Friday, October 2, 2015

Playlist October! Among the Shadows Story: Panic Room by ... me!

I love music and I love books, which means I really love book playlists. So all through October I'm going to be posting book playlists. I've invited a bunch of authors to contribute, so hopefully we'll all discover some great new music and good reads.

First up, I wanted to share a few songs that go with my short story in the Among the Shadows anthology (out now - buy here). My story is called Panic Room and it's about a girl who has to adjust to life on a doomsday prepper commune before and after an EMP attack.

And here are 5 songs that you can rock out to while reading it:

Lights Out by Santigold

Lights out, shoot up the station
TV's dead, where's there to run?
Watch everybody come undone

Nightlight by Silversun Pickups

If we survive this (WE WANT IT)
We only want it with the lights out
If we say that (WE WANT IT)
We only want it with the lights out

Trip Switch by Nothing but Thieves

They put out the lights, they put out the lights
What we do when the power's out
What do we do when the lights go
Down, down, down, down, down

Bug by Alex G

and when you go there
you stay there
bug in the crosshair
you stay there

Shock to Your System by Tegan and Sara

You got a shock to your system

Pull yourself out of it

I know that shock to your system

Knocked your heart right out of sync

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