Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Canoe trip down the Zambezi

Tuesday morning we rose early once again, this time for a canoe trip. The launch point was deep within Zambezi National Park, so we had to drive for about an hour through the early morning cold. Only one other tourist would be going with us, a really entertaining guy who plays polo for a living and owns 9 polo ponies. The guide scared us with his safety speech, telling us what to do if a hippo attacked us or swam under the canoe and flipped it over (swim for your life - don't hold on to the boat) and to avoid crocs. I decided to go in the boat with the guide! There were actually some rapids on the river as well, which I wasn't aware of when I signed up. But the guide knew how to get through them. Daniel fell off his seat once at one point, but he and Joe H polo stayed in the canoe. We saw lots of birdsand hippos from a distance, but the main fun was just being out on the beautiful river and getting a bit of excercise (my back was really sore the next day from rowing).
I kept the camera in the waterproof lockbox most of the time, but I did get it out once or twice to take a few photos of the scene:
Daniel and Joe H. Daniel was really ambitious and did lots of rowing while Joe took it easy
The guide (just pretending to sleep)
A bird (waiting to see if the crocs or hippos would get us!)

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