Saturday, August 4, 2007

Blue shoe mystery solved!

After dropping Daniel off at the SFO airport on Monday July 16th, I drove back to Eric's and we all drove to Angel's Camp, CA, home of the jumping frog of Mark Twain fame. After spending a day and a half there with them, I left to catch my flight to Wichita out of SFO at 1:30 am on Wednesday July18th. Of course when I arrived at 5:45 am for my 8 am flight, I found out it was delayed til noon. But Delta put me on the next flight and I ended up getting to Wichita only a bit later than planned.

I spent a couple of nights with Rachelle and her family and then spent the next week attending family functions and trying to whittle down my stuff in storage. And lo and behold, I finally found the blue platform shoes my mother wore at her wedding that I had wanted to wear at mine but could never find despite all of Margie and Dean's help last year.

Nick and I also went up to Topeka to visit Grandma Dugan whose Alzheimer's has gotten so bad, my uncle Kent was afraid she wouldn't recognize us. I was hopeful that she would, since she had at Christmas, but she didn't which was truly heartbreaking. She thought that Nick and I were a couple and kept asking if his beard tickles me when we kiss... which we don't so no it doesn't.

Grandma Billie seems to be doing better after a scare a month ago. She'll do better now that she is in assisted living and has more of a social life. Got to visit with her a couple of times. Also had some nice meals with Dad and Sandy and lunch with Linda. Here's a picture of Linda, Nick and me in Linda's office at the Wichita Eagle newspaper:

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Linda said...

Lenore, you didn't tell me you found your mom's blue shoes! How cool!