Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kelly and Steve's Wedding

The heatwave continued in Alabama. I arrived in Birmingham for the wedding on Thursday in time for the rehearsal. Kelly and Steve had asked me to be their scripture reader and I wasn't sure at first if I should do it. On the one hand, I do like reading, don't mind public speaking and enjoy the bible. On the other hand, Song of Solomon is a difficult read (with all the leaping across mountains and bounding over hills) and I'm always rejected for voice-over jobs because my voice is too nasal. I decided to go for it though, since it seemed to be important to them.

So I gave the wedding party and relatives a little sneak peek at the rehearsal. After the rehearsal, we had a yummy barbeque dinner at Kelly's aunt's and then the bridemaids and I threw Kelly a "bachlorette/shower" at the country club cottage we got to stay in. All the girls are a lot of fun so I really had a good time and most importantly, Kelly did too.

Friday morning, we were at the salon to get Kel's hair done (and my eyebrows plucked - finally!) and at the make-up counters at the mall for make-up (Kelly got hers done at the Bobbi Brown counter, while Susan and I hit Lancome and Laura and Ashley went to MAC). Then we went for lunch together and went back to the cottage to get ready. I felt really blessed to be able to spend so much time with Kel on her wedding day in such a relaxed fashion!

The wedding was lovely of course, and my reading was apparently magnificent (everyone came up to me and said so at least - in fact, someone told me I should become a professional). The reception was next door with delicious food (shrimp and grits could get me to move permanently to the south!) and a live band. After Steve and Kel drove happily off into the sunset, a few of Steve's Penn friends and the bridesmaids crew went out for an "after party" where some of us played pool, and some of us (me)watched.

Bridesmaids crew after the wedding: Laura, Tommy (Laura's husband of two weeks), Ashley, Lenore and Susan (photo credit Jorge)

The next day, I went to the brunch at Kelly's grandparents house but left after only 45 min so I'd be on time for my flight out of Atlanta. And now I am back in Frankfurt!


Steve said...

You did do an amazing job with the reading and we are still so happy that you were a part of our big day!

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a good time and a safe trip home! Love you!