Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Andrea's Baby Shower

Roanne and I hosted a baby shower for Andrea Gr at my apartment on Sunday. It was supposed to run from 2-4 pm but no one showed up until 3 pm - even the guest of honor was late (so don't believe it when you hear that Germans are always punctual).

Baby showers are rare here so most of the guests had never been to one. We played two games - the baby picture guessing game (though only half brought a baby picture of themselves) and the baby food flavor guessing game (who knew that baby food was so ... not tasty?).

My favorite photo from the shower is of Roanne and Andrea checking out the baby photos:

In other news, I am off to the states again on Friday. I will be in DC to visit Heather, Kelly, Steve and college buddy Gina, then Florida to visit Sommer and family and then Wichita for a week visit with all my family and friends there. I will post updates when I can. And yes, that means I will spend my very first Christmas in Germany this year.

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Linda said...

The baby shower sounds like fun. Looking forward to your visit! See you soon!