Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I’m tolerating it!

You've all heard McDonald’s slogan “I’m Lovin’ It”. Well this is what had to say about it on their blog yesterday:

Since when has anyone over the age of 7 actually LOVED anything they put in their mouth that came from McDonald’s? Even for an ad jingle’s forced positivity, this is really stretching it. More appropriate slogans might be, “I’m Eatin’ It” or “I’m Joylessly Chewin’ What’s In My Mouth Because I Lacked The Time Or the Finances To Find Any Better Dining Option”.

It got a big laugh out of me! I haven't eaten at McDonald's probably since I was in Japan 10 years ago. It just doesn't appeal to me ... well, except the egg mcmuffins ... and those only because they remind me of all our family road trips to Kansas when I was a child.


Linda said...

I am not a McDonald's fan, but you're right. Sometimes it's the convenience. I know when we are headed to Oklahoma (which we won't be much anymore since Rhonda lives here and Charles is gone) we would stop at the McDonald's on the turnpike. It's sure not a favorite of ours, but the convenience sometimes wins out!

Steve said...

I break down and eat there once or twice a year, more so if I'm in some country and I want familiar 'American' food (plus it always tastes better outside America). But you should try their new Egg McMuffins that are made with pancakes for the bread instead of 'healthy' English muffins. Decadent!