Wednesday, April 16, 2008

London Trip for Daniel's Birthday

Friday, we caught our BA flight to Heathrow's new Terminal 5 (it looks quite nice - excellent signage) and were at Jeremy's birthday party in the Guanabara by 7. He had rented two tables off to the side of this very hopping club with a live band playing. With 70 Mojitos and beers too numerous to count spread out among 25 birthday guests, there was a lot of dancing! I haven't been out to a club in ages but this was really fun.

Here I am with the birthday boy and Antonia - a super cool girl from Zimbabwe (obviously we had lots to talk about!)

Saturday we went to visit Steffi and her 2 month old son Caspar and then went out to lunch at a french cafe in Chelsea.

We also went to a gallery that was displaying some of Banksy's work. He is most famous for his graffiti art which now sells for over 100,000 pounds a piece.

Then we met Synne and Guy at their place where we dined on a delicious enchilada dinner.

Sunday, Jeremy picked us up for church at Holy Trinity Brompton, famous for their alpha course, a basic christianity primer or refresher course. We really enjoyed the service and wish we had access to such a vibrant worship experience here in Frankfurt.

In the evening, we all (Synne, me, Guy, Daniel, Jeremy) met for dinner at an authentic Japanese restaurant in Hampstead to celebrate Daniel's birthday.

Monday we met Sarah McIntyre, her husband, and her friend Annika for breakfast at a real greasy spoon on Regency Street. Sarah is a very talented illustrator who we met in Bologna and we look forward to more children's book related exchange and hearty breakfasts with her.

Though I did not make it to the London Book Fair which also started Monday (35 pounds to enter seemed a bit steep) I did pick up several new books in London which I am looking forward to reading including Mister Pip and The Declaration.


Linda said...

Okay, I looked up those books on Amazon. Guess I need to broaden my horizon on reading. Not books I'd normally choose, but I might reserve them at the library and check them out!

Steve said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Daniel! I wish I could have gone to London too!