Saturday, December 26, 2009

24 Hour Vampire Series 3 Book Contest!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Today I have 3 vampire series books I want to give away to someone who reads them (or is interested in reading them). I got them for review (unsolicted), but since vampire fiction isn't really my thing, I thought I'd pass them on.

HEARTS AT STAKE by Alyxandra Harvey, Book 1 of The Drake Chronicles
Solange Drake's sixteen birthday is finally here, but in her family, htthis day triggers the transformation from human to vampire. Her seven older brothers each made it throught the potentially deadly passage, but since she's the first female-born vampire in almost 800 yeaars, and since her birth was foretold in a prophecy that predicts she will united all the vampire clans as their queen, this birthday isn't looking quite so sweet. Solange could be killed by the transformation itself, or by one of the existing queen's followers who are after the bounty on her head.

Luckily her protective older brothers and her very kick-butt best firned, Lucy, have her well being at heart. And it will take all of them- plus the help of their nemesis, Kiernan Black- to make sure Solange survives. By the stroke of midnight, her fate will be sealed, one way or another.

BAD BLOOD by Mari Mancusi, Book 4 of the Blood Coven series
Sunny McDonald is in the ultimate forbidden relationship. Her boyfriend Magnus is a vampire, and the leader of the Blood Coven. Their differences have never been an issue, until now…

When the Blood Coven decides that Magnus needs a mate to be his co-ruler, Sunny’s humanity puts her out of the running. The Coven’s chosen candidate is Jane Johnson, a magna cum laude graduate of Oxford University who just happens to look like a vampiric celebutante. Sunny is suspicious of a Rhodes Scholar who can’t answer the most basic poly-sci questions, but Magnus brushes it off as petty jealousy. Still, when the Blood Coven goes to Las Vegas for a vampire convention—where Magnus and Jane’s bonding ceremony will be the main event—Sunny and her sister Rayne secretly tag along. And Sunny’s not going home before she learns the truth about Jane. Because not everything stays in Vegas—especially bad blood…

FADE OUT by Rachel Caine, Book 7 of The Morganville Vampires
The resident vampires have made major concessions to the human population. With their newfound freedoms, Claire Danvers and her friends are almost starting to feel comfortable again...

Now Claire can actually concentrate on her studies, and her friend Eve joins the local theatre company. But when one of Eve's castmates goes missing after starting work on a short documentary, Eve suspects the worst. Claire and Eve soon realize that this film project, whose subject is the vampires themselves, is a whole lot bigger-and way more dangerous-than anyone suspected.

Contest is open internationally until noon CST Dec 27th. Just comment telling me what your fave vampire series is to be entered! One winner gets all three books.


Erica said...

My favorite vampire series would probably have to be Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. But I really like Mari Mancusi's Blood Coven series as well.

:) Erica

Emi said...

Hmmm my favorite vampire series...probably Strange Angels by Lili St Crow. Not strictly vampires, but they're in there :)

emilove.richardson at gmail dot com

Robyn @ Robolobolyn's Universe said...

I;ll have to go with Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy too! I love those books! :)


Liyana said...

I love Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series too! Rose especially, the Dmitri. :D

Gaby G said...

My fav vampire series is Christine Feehan's Dark Serie. But I like almost every vampire book, actually i'm starting The Morganville Vampires, by Rachel Caine.

magabygc AT gmail DOT com

Nikki @ Bookizzle said...

My favorite is probably The Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris.

Thanks for the opportunity :)
- Nikki
(nikkinizzle at gmail dot com)

Orchid said...

Awesome contest! My favorite vampire series would have to be the Blue Bloods series. :)

hauntingorchid (at) aol (dot) com

LucĂ­a said...

Obviously it would be Twilight, because thanks to the saga I started to read books about vampires but if I have to choose another would be: vampire academy, I love Rose, she is very stubborn

Great contest and great prizes


Dahlia (TheBookShopaholic) said...

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead has been my favorite so far.


~The Book Pixie said...

Fave vampire series is Strange Angels! Like Emilee said, they may not be strictly vampires but they are still there just the same. Plus the only other vampire series I've read is Twilight and I don't count them. lol.


Anya said...

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is my all-time fav Vampire series! I absolutely LOVE it!:)


Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

I have serious love for L.A. Banks' Vampire Huntress Series. Not a lot of people are into them but it never stopped me from falling in love with them. Sadly it's done =( but it'll always be one of my faves.

I'd adore a chance to be entered in your giveaway Lenore!


mishtakes AT gmail DOT com

Ellz said...

Wow, these are straight off my wish list. My favorite Vamp series is still Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Series. Thanks for the chance to review these.


Brooke Reviews said...

My faaaavorite vampire series. This is tough, but I'm going to go with Kim Harrison's The Hollow series, vampire are a very big part of it, even though the main character is a witch.:D

bacarleton at gmail dot com

Sheere said...

I love Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead and I have just started Claudia Gray's series =)

Kathryn said...

My favorite is the Anita Blake series, but only books 1-9. I draw the line at "Obsidian Butterfly".

Merry Christmas, Lenore!

Kathryn said...

Helps if I add an email address. Sorry!

Unknown said...

My favorite vampire series has been the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton for many many years, although recently the Undead Series by MaryJanice Davidson and the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris have been catching up.

Thanks for the giveaway!
jennsicurella at verizon dot net

Unknown said...

Hmm, my current favorite it P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast's House of Night series, but I also enjoyed the first in Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires serie...

dreamworldofabookaholic [AT]

L said...

My favorite vampire series is The Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead. I also love the Morganville Vampire Series


LinzReads said...

Hmmmm...My favorite vampire series is probably Twilight. Or the Immortality Bites series.

Thanks for the great contest!

Natascha De Marco said...

My whole blog is about vampire fiction Lol I just love the supernatural.

Well I have various favorite series, adult and young adult. I love The Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Night Huntress Series, The Vampire Academy, Blue Bloods, The Sookie Stackhouse series... I could go on and on!

Taschia Cullen

Beleth said...

My favourite vampire series is Anita Blake, Vampire hunter.
Thank you!
battyaboutbats at

Anonymous said...

My fave vampire series is probably... CE Murphy's Negotiator series. A few vamps in it.

Kristen said...

Okay... favorite vamp series... hrmmm
Well I'd have to say Kim Harrison's Hollow series - it's got more than vamps.. but it's my fave.

dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

donnas said...

My favorite is the Morganville series by Rachel Caine. But I have a ton tying for second place too.

buddyt said...

Favourite vamp series.

Hhmmm !

Well I have to adnit that like you I haven't read any of the recent series.

I stopped reading new vampire authors when I got through the Anne Rice books.

But with a new year coming maybe I need to see what is being written now.
So please include me in the drawing.



Milka said...

My favorite vampire series is the Twilight saga since i haven't read that much of Vampire books before. I would love to though.


Ms. Asphyxia said...

No doubt about it, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.

The Lovely Reader said...

If Strange Angels/Betrayals count, since they are vampires, then they're my favorite. Love it :)

Thanks for the contest!
barbrafl737 (at) yahoo (dot) com

throuthehaze said...

Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series is my favorite.

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Dawn M. said...

My favorite vampire series are Twilight, Morganville Vampires, Jaz Parks (Jennifer Rardin) & WVMP Radio (Jeri Smith-Ready).

Thanks! :0)
librarygrinch at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My favorite vampire series is the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J. R. Ward. Absolutely addicting!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anna ♥

Wendy said...

My favorite vampire series is Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress novels, it's not YA but I looove it!

I also just got Betrayals by Lili St. Crow and there's vampires in it, can't wait to read it!

Jenny N. said...

My favourite vampire series is the Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead.


Dani. said...

I'm going to go with Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series! :)


Anonymous said...

My favorite so far has been Blue Bloods, Twilight Hunger. The Anne Rice version is great and can't beat Dracula.

Anonymous said...

forgot e-mail.

Margay Leah Justice said...

I love the Blood Coven series by Mari Mancusi.


Diana Dang said...

Hm, my favourite vampire series? That's a little hard since I don't have one that I can recall immediately. Oh yes! Sucks to Be Me by Kimberly Pauley. 2nd novel is due 2010 I believe. :)

faked_sugartone at hotmail

CeeCee said...

My favorite Vampire series is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

All of the books look really good especially Hearts at stake.


Deana H. said...

My favorite vampire series is Vampire series in YA is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead with Morganville Vampires coming in a close second. However, that being said, I have been wanting to read the Blood Coven series for quite some time now. My favorite Adult Vampire series is the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Mandy said...

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is my fav. vampire series. =)'

Sara said...

Ooooh! Oh my gosh I would LOVE to win these! :D

My favorite vampire series is probably Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead!


Kelsey said...

Awesome contest!

My favorite is the Blue Bloods series by Melissa de la Cruz! It's amazing :)

kelseythebookscout at gmail dot com

Ladytink_534 said...

I adore vampire fiction but I already have Fade Out (and I'm starting it as soon as I write my review for Carpe Corpus). I'd LOVE to be entered in this contest though!


RagDollVampGirl said...

I Love Vampire Books!!
My Fave Vampire Series Is The Vampire Diaries.. The Awakening Was One Of My Very First Vampire Books Ever.. LOL!!


Thanks For Doing This Contest!!


Aimee said...

My favorite Vampire series would have to be Christine Feehan's Carpathian novels, with Anne Rice's series coming in a close. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!


Sherry said...

My favorite vampires series is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. It's amazing!

Thanks for the contest!!


basma aal said...

my favourite are twilight saga. they are the only one i read


Linda said...

i like many series ~like twilight or blood coven series by Mari Mancusi, molly harper's nice girls dont have fangs series i just dont have a fave

Joanne ♦ The Book Zombie said...

Merry Christmas Lenore!!

Love the look of these vamp titles. How about these for my faves:

Past - Anne Rice's vampire series - really enjoyed these years ago.

Present - The House of Night series, I'm on the last book and love them all.

Future - The Morganville Vampires - I've only read book 1 but I'm looking forward to all the rest.

Noella said...

Vampire Academy, I finished the first recently and I like it. It is my favourite vampire series so far!

Cheers for this contest,

june.mmix @

Karissa E said...
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Karissa E said...

My absolute favorite is "Vampire Academy" but I also really like Anita Blake (the earlier books) and the Jaz Parks series by Jennifer Rardin.

karissae (at) gmail (dot) com

Llehn said...

Vampire Academy for me!


Natalie said...

Awesome! My favorite vampire series would have to be Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, though the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris are a very close second.

justpeachy36 said...

Sookie Stackhouse for sure....

Heidi V said...

The Sookie Stackhouse is the only series I have read and I'm enjoying it!

heidivargas [at] live dot com

Samantha LeAnne said...

I'm dying to read Hearts at Stake!

Mind mind is totally blanking right now, so I'm going with the only answer that comes to mind right now...Twilight. I have a bunch of vampire books, I've just not gotten to them yet, so I'm sticking to that one. lol.

Samantha LeAnne

Jax said...

New fave is this new Hearts at Stake series... It was awesome


Anna Moore said...

Hands down, it's got to be Vampire Academy. Without a doubt.

Aliens said...

My favorite vampire series so far would be Southern Vampires by Charlaine Harris.

409cope said...

I like the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

Eternalslicker said...

My fav. vampire book is the Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber.
But I really like to try reading Mari Mancusi's Blood Coven series as well.


Bookish in a Box said...

My favorite vampire series is The Vampire Diaries, with Vampire Academy as my second choice. It kind of depends on what sort of vampire story I'm in the mood for.

whatinabox (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

My favorite vampire series is the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. Those Brother are hawt!!

thebookvixen at gmail dot com

Tynga said...

I already have fade out and bad blood but I'd love to have Heart at Stakes =) THanks for your generous offer!

My favorite vampire series is by far Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead!


Lenore Appelhans said...

CONTEST IS CLOSED. The winner will be notified shortly.

chocowafer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
I ♥ Book Gossip said...

My favorite vampire series is the Black Dagger Brotherhoos series.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

Michelle said...

Lovely!! I have to go with the Sookie Stackhouse vampire mysteries. Love Sookie, love Eric just wish they'd get their ducks in a row and make a decision already!!

mmillet at gmail dot com

Bella@BeguileThySorrow said...

danG! I missed it!

Victoria Manson said...

Love them. Hope I win.