Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bookanista Review: Panic by Lauren Oliver

Every year in Carp, the graduating HS seniors play the dangerous game of Panic. This year, it's Heather and Dodge's turn to try for the winner's purse of over $60,000.

Some reasons I loved Panic:

-- a fantastical situation grounded by gritty realism. Is it crazy unbelievable that seniors play a game every year where people often end up dying and getting paralyzed by doing stunts like breaking and entering, running across a busy interstate and walking a tightrope without a net and the police don't/can't do anything about it? Yes. But Oliver sells the hell out of it with down-on-their-luck characters that have heartbreakingly believable motivations.

-- the games. I would never, ever join Panic (way too wimpy), but I don't have to because Oliver described the feeling of participating so well, I felt like I was there. Heart pumping thrills.

-- the writing. I love the way Oliver crafts her sentences. Her prose is always atmospheric and fitting of the situation. A pure joy to read. Here's a quote I like:

PANIC will be out March 4th, but you can already go and read the first chapters on iTunes.

FTC disclosure: eGalley from Edelweiss. Also, Lauren Oliver is a friend.

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Sandy Nawrot said...

I love me some Lauren Oliver, and am SO excited for this one. I've heard not-so-great reviews, but I'm trying not to worry about it.

Natalie Aguirre said...

So agree with you that this was fantastic but the game was so dangerous. Sometimes I wanted to shake the characters or slam the book shut. But I couldn't because it was so good. Shows what a talented author Lauren is.

The Cover Contessa said...

I was not a fan of this book at all. I love Oliver. I was so excited to read this. Then I jumped in and I was bored. I found it bland and rather predictable. The only thing that saved it for me was that I like Oliver's writing so much. I'm pretty sure she could describe cat food and I'd be interested! I'm upset to not have liked it. But she is very talented. I am looking forward to her adult book!

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

Atmospheric is a great way to describe Lauren Oliver's writing - her writing style is fabulous, it always makes you feel like you're there.

Nice review!

Amanda said...

Can't wait to get my hands on this. I'm on the hold list at the library, but sadly too high up.

Christina said...

Oh look, you did read this book. :-p

I also would not join this game. NOPE NOPE NOPE. I do not have the balance or the speed requisite for any of these challenges.