Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Have A Serious Series Problem

One of my reading goals for 2014 is to complete some of the many, many series I've started. With the help of my Goodreads shelves, I've sorted my series books into:

Completed Series (currently at 25)
Series To Finish (currently at 72)
Series Graveyard (currently at 62)

And this not even taking into account the series I still need to start - where I own the first book but haven't read it yet.

I'm drowning in series! How about you?


Kailana said...

I definitely am, too!! I am not one of those people that can start a series and read all of the available books right away. I take forever and in the meantime I start a bunch more...


Yes! It is a terrible problem I have! I usually read the first book and get so psyched about the series, but then after waiting a year, I am on to new series, and the excitement has worn off. (Don't worry, I'm still excited about yours!!) The long wait makes me forget the excitement.

So then I have so many first or first and second books of series and I haven't read past the first book. I don't even want to look at my Goodreads shelf. I'm scared mine will make yours look like small potatoes! LOL But it is a good idea!

Maybe soon. lol that's the best I can do! Good luck with your reading!!


Amanda said...

wow, that's a lot started! I'm fairly caught up, minus all those that don't have the next book out yet. I haven't been terribly compelled to read series much in the last few years.

Though actually, I guess I'm NOT technically caught up yet, as I just started Game of Thrones last month. But I'm looking forward to reading the five books out all over the next year! I kinda like taking them slow and letting them percolate.

Melody Simpson said...

I'm drowning in series as well but I know which series I want to finish this year and which I'm not in a rush to get to so I'm just taking my time with it. Good luck with your TBR pile!

Beth S. said...

I hear ya! I abandon series with, well, abandon. I'm finding myself connecting with series less and less these days. I think it has everything to do with this new trend of authors leaving us hanging. But there's more to it than that. I'm just burnt out on long-term book commitment :)

Kim Aippersbach said...

Oh, my heavens! I read ferociously and 72 series is more than I could ever possibly contemplate.

I'm getting more and more selective about the series I'm willing to start; if the author is going to keep my attention for that long, they have to be pretty amazing. And I have to love each book enough to want to reread it again before the next one comes out. I'd rather wait a long time and know the author is going to get it right than have the next book come out right away and be disappointing (happens SO often I'm getting disillusioned with the whole idea of series.)

Sana said...

So you need to start reading Throne of Glass and Shadow and Bone series.

Currently, I'm in the middle of 80+ series and I do intend to finish at least 7 this year (I've already finished one) so yeah, I get you. In addition, I sometimes hate finishing series (I call this state 'serial distress') so there also this to overcome. Sigh.

Dazzling Mage said...

I take it "Series Graveyard" means series you've given up on?

I'm also trying to finish a bunch of series this year-- and start some new ones, I think.

Good luck!

Christina said...

Completed: 91

To Finish: 158

Graveyard: 244

Thank goodness all my current books are standalones and in series I've already started, huh?