Friday, July 20, 2007

Klamath Falls and Crater Lake Oregon

We arrived Tuesday evening in Klamath Falls, checked in, had dinner and checked out Borders, the only big name chain store in town besides Safeway. Wednesday was rainy and overcast so Crater Lake was out of the question. We relaxed, saw the movie Ratatouille, shopped at Safeway for 3 hours and read.
So Thursday was Crater Lake day. We drove up early to beat the crowds and drove the east rim drive first stopping at the Cleetwood Cove trailhead to see if we could do a boat tour. Sadly, boat tours had been cancelled due to mechanical problems, but we walked down the trail anyway and saw tons of chimpmunks. People feed them even though they aren't supposed to so they'll just come right up to you (one even tugged at my pantleg!).

After that, we hiked the Watchman's Peak trail and got some great views of the lake.

It's a beautiful deep blue that pictures just can't seem to capture. And the weather is COLD! They told me in the giftshop that they continually sell out of sweatshirts because people come in shorts and t-shirts and freeze. Even I was cold with my long-sleeve shirt and jacket.

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