Sunday, July 8, 2007

Main Tower and farewell to Kelly

Last night, we went with Steve and Kelly to the observation deck and bar in the Main Tower in downtown Frankfurt. It was the one place Kelly still had on her list to visit before she leaves. You get great views over the city even though the drinks are pretty pricey.

Daniel and me with a view of the Main River

Kelly and Steve do a "prom picture pose"

Afterwards we went to a restaurant that they know under the T-mobile tower and ate schnitzel. Here's a great picture of Kelly and I having a "leftover schnitzel fight" with Steve trying to get in on the action.

Kelly's FSO tour in Frankfurt is up and she's going back to Washington on Tuesday. Steve will join her in mid-Sept (so we can still hang out with him for a few weeks after we come back from our vacation). I will see them at their wedding in August in Birmingham and will def. visit DC and wherever they are posted in the future, but it won't be the same without them here. We're going to miss you guys.

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