Monday, December 22, 2008

Book Review: Santa Responds by Santa Claus

Still looking for a present for that hard-to-buy-for person (with a sense of humor) on your list? You might consider Santa Responds: He's Had Enough and He's Writing Back. Here's an excerpt:

"Dear Santa,

How come you so fat?

Love, Ashton, aged 8."

"Dear Ashton,

How come you so rude? Seriously, haven't your parents taught you any manners? Or grammar?

(Santa then goes on to explain his girth is due to a love of carbs and alcohol, and though it may seem hypocritical for him to rag on others for poor nutrition choices, he's immortal, so he can afford to not eat right.)

Life aint fair, Santa"

Most letters/replies are at least mildly amusing, a few laugh out loud funny, and some probably offensive to someone out there. Santa attacks children with bad punctuation, those who are vague, those who lie, those who rat out their siblings, and those who are greedy, among a host of other transgressions. It can get a little repetitive, so it's probably best read in a group, picking a letter at random, with copious amounts of spiked egg nog on hand.

SANTA RESPONDS is available now in hardcover.


Valeria said...

LOL, sounds hilarious! I love the excerpt xD.

Alea said...

Hehe, sounds like a great book to pull out every year at christmas!

Anonymous said...

I did think the book got repetitive. You're probably right - it would be better if you just read a letter or two at a time.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I saw this at the store and it looked kind of amusing...but agreed, these type of things are always best when you don't read it all the way through.


valentina said...

I haven't seen this! sounds really funny!

Shalonda said...

This sounds so funny. Loved the sample letter.

Gabbi said...

Sounds great. I love Christmas-y books!

nadine said...

This one sounds perfect for my little


Beth Kephart said...

This would have been perfect for my husband!!!

Ali said...

>>probably best read in a group, picking a letter at random, with copious amounts of spiked egg nog on hand.

Agreed! We read it aloud a bit at a time and even without the spike in our egg nog, they worked great that way.