Monday, June 1, 2009

Well Worth Watching Blogger Profile (5) In Search of Giants

This month, I'd like to introduce you to Aerin of In Search of Giants blog. If you don't already know her, you need to rush over, check out her blog, and say "hi" now! I love the format of her book reviews, she is always so enthusiastic and supportive (she's always telling me how she wants to be me when she grows up), and I always look forward to what she's going to post next. And now she answers my questions:

If someone were to blurb your blog in 25 word or less, what would he or she say?
This gorgeous blog has bits of everything: creative writing tips and support, contests, book reviews, interviews, and news from the publishing business.

(I can call it gorgeous because I’ve not created the artwork myself; I’ve licensed it from Vlad Studios)

What kinds of books do you read and review on your blog?
I try to focus on children’s and YA books, although I’ve done a number of ARCs for mainstream and classic fiction as well as non-fiction. Particularly, I’m interested in using my blog to support the publishing industry. Books make great gifts, and my secret ambition is to be a sort of personal shopper for people who are buying them.

What were a couple of your favorite books recently and which ones are you most looking forward to reading soon?
I just finished Lament by Maggie Stievater. Also, Exodus by Julie Bertagna. I highly recommend both.

I’m holding my breath for Fire by Kristen Cashore and Ash by Malinda Lo (literally – so, um, if anyone has a copy of either one, to save my life, I’d appreciate it.)

I still haven’t cracked Silver Phoenix by my online buddy Cindy Pon, because I’m waiting for an afternoon to read it all in one go. And I’m supposed to be reading Middlemarch for my Fill-in-the-Gaps list.

What are some of your favorite posts or reviews in your blog archive and why?
Authors With Heart: recognizing authors who reach out to book bloggers

My Interview Process: a quick, fun way to get to know authors and other interesting people

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing a dialogue into the issues of race facing Americans as part of their past and in the current political climate

What are some posts or reviews on other blogs that have caught your attention as being well worth reading?
Sara's post "On A Serious Note" about how Edward Cullen is not really the kind of boyfriend we should encourage girls to have.

Charlotte’s post Five Favorite Books, which is about her youngest child’s last day of being five years old, since my oldest just turned five. We often forget about the wonder of children’s books until we have children ourselves, but you’re never too old for a good picture book.

At Weekly Geeks, they try once or twice a year to remind us to follow Dewey’s initiative to link to one another’s reviews. I love the community building that happens as a result.

Complete this sentence: “If I didn't have my blog...”
My children would get a lot more attention, my house would might be clean, and I'd be woefully less well-read.
Thanks Aerin!

The Well Worth Watching Award was created and designed by Joanne of The Book Zombie. I'm just passing it along to other bloggers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lenore! Hope your travels home are safe (I know they will be fully occupied, with all the reading you have now!)

Staci said...

I so have to check out this blog. I liked this feature Lenore!!

Unknown said...

Can I be Aerin when I grow up?

Lenore Appelhans said...

Hi Aerin!

Will be here until Thursday.

NYC is so much more amazing than I ever thought possible.

Staci - Hope you do :)

Lenore Appelhans said...

Beth - I know right?!

Carolina said...

I love reading these blogger profiles. :)

And yes, Aerin is awesomely cool!

Belle said...

I like this feature of yours, Lenore. Now I'm off to fatten my Google Reader with another great feed.

moonrat said...

Lenore, you have very good taste :)

trish said...

Great interview, Lenore! And I'm going to email Aerin because I can loan her my ARC of Fire...

cindy said...

aerin is the hottest blogging mama i know! =D

Sadako said...

Ooh, looks good, will have to check out Aerin's blog soon!

Becca said...

I like Aerin's blog as well. Great interview!