Thursday, June 18, 2009

What fans would do to get Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (contest winner announced)

So I had this little contest to give away a BEA prize pack of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Liar by Justine Larbalestier, and Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater - all highly anticipated upcoming books. I asked entrants to either share a great lie, tell me what makes them shiver or tell me what they'd do to get a copy of Catching Fire.

I got 365 entries and had so much fun reading the responses. Here are the most remarkable things people would do to get Catching Fire:

Extreme measures

A few people said they’d participate in Hunger Games to get a copy of Catching Fire… Really? For a 1 in 24 chance of getting a copy and a very good chance of DYING? I'd prefer to wait for the September 1st release date (unless I had a terminal disease, and then maybe).

Some would even sell their soul! Although Leah would not let a creepy lamia drag her to hell.

Lizzy might even go on a hunger strike until she got a copy.

Kasey would sell her little sister. [!!!]

Barbrafl would do anything but kill or die, because death would mean not knowing what happens.

Public humiliation

Liviania would do a highly public, silly dance and post it on youtube. [I'd love to see this!]

GreenBeanTeenQueen would fight her fellow librarians for a copy.

Maigan would travel around her entire town reciting passages from The Hunger Games and encouraging people to read it with signs and flyers.

Ella Press would parade through a huge avenue wearing nothing more than her underwear.

Sana would run around her school screaming "I'M A MOCKING JAY! I REALLY AM" while wearing a home made mocking jay costume.

Liz would try out for her school’s football team.

Danie88 would walk around town and hug everyone she saw.

Andalee would walk from one end of New York City to the other at midnight wearing only a towel.

Stacy would write “I Love Peeta” all over her body and run naked through the neighborhood.

Big sacrifices

Hillary would donate all her other books to the library.

Letter Garden would live without internet for 3+ months.

Dissectingperfection would give up carbs for life.

Robyn would give up her iPod.

ProdElektra would forgo talking for a whole year. [Now that's dedication!]

Stacey would give up her phone, computer and TV for a year.

Kayla D. would stay a virgin for the next 4 years.

Bold/dangerous acts

Janssen would walk from California to Maine for a copy.

Charlotte would jump into the ocean in January.

Robolobolyn_03 would do pretty much anything, including swim with the jellyfishes.

Tabitha would leap of a fifty-story building with a pocket sized parachute.

Rema would live in the woods for a year.

Sassy CC would learn to breathe fire while walking on hot coals.

Olympianlady would be willing to jump naked into the Kenai River (in Alaska) in the dead of winter.

Becky would participate on a reality tv show that pours bugs on you.


Emily would advertise Presenting Lenore in Barnes and Noble.

Lorin would send me homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Andrea would be my online slave for a week. [Very tempting!]


Hilly-wa would catch Halley’s Comet.

Astrid would fight off zombie moles.


Amy would drink an “anything smoothie” possibly including mustard and/or cheese.

The Book Queen would let spiders crawl on her.

Robin_titan would eat 5 worms.

Kiirsi would dive (or belly flop) into a pool of jello despite her hatred of slime.

Samantha would lick a stranger’s foot.

Bitterwhip would paint her room with ketchup (which she hates) and then lick it all off. [This has to be my absolute favorite answer!]

Tuan would sponge bath 50 old men. [ummm….ew!]

Rakela would eat a bucket of worms.

Enlisting outside help

Niki Nicole would hire Katniss from Hunger Games and Katsa from the Graceling to do what they do best to get her that ARC.

@llie would hire a certain boy wizard to help her get the book.

Permanent declaration of adoration

The Brain Lair would paint Flame tattoos on both arms and neck to pretend like she’s Katniss.

Grace would tattoo Peeta Mellark on her butt.


Oh and of course there is a winner (picked at random) and that is Mim! Mim said: "I would go without sleep for more than twenty four hours. I would camp out all night in a line to get it too. I might do some crazy dare of some kind. I would beg, borrow and bribe for a copy of that book." Well congrats Mim! Tell us about how the 24 hours without sleeping goes. Maybe you can read all three of your prize books in that time :)


Lenore Appelhans said...

And I thought doing what I did (flying overseas to attend BEA) was pretty extreme...

Anonymous said...

Haha these answers are great!
Congradulations to Mim for winning AMAZING books.

Liviania said...

Well, you won't get a highly public youtube dance since I didn't win. *pout*

Congrats Mim!

bermudaonion said...

I got up at 5am to get a ticket to get a signed copy.

-.- said...

Congratulations Mim!

Thank you for posting what others would do, I had a kick reading them.

~ Popin

Kristen said...

That cracked me up! Looks like bookworms are insane after all - when it comes to getting their hands on an awesome book before it's published. :)Congrats to Mim! Crazy girl!

Alea said...

Good lord, I better read my copy before someone flies to my house to steal it or something :P

simply nerdy book reviews said...

haha:) i cant believe you said what i would do for it! and that's not extreme . . . i mean, i DID say i wouldnt let a creepy lamia drag me to hell, didnt i?

and no old ladies shame me.

but thats just about it! lol:)

congrats, Mim!

Anonymous said...

Ahaha! Book lovers are a strange bunch, no? ;)

Congrats, Mim!

simply nerdy book reviews said...

Lenore!!!!! i tagged you in my Whats On Your Desk Wednesday post!

go here to check it out and find out more:

Mim said...

Wow! I can barely breath. I can't believe I won. My husband thinks I'm a lunatic because I just spent five minutes screaming. Thanks so much! Where do I send my contact information?

My email address is miriam . caldwell @ gmail . com

minus the spaces.

Wow! I'm so excited!


Melanie said...

After seeing what everyone is willing to do in order to read Catching Fire, I think it's high past time to read The Hunger Games!

Swimming in Jello sounds like fun. :D

The Tome Traveller said...

This is hilarious! What a great response to your contest!

I just happened to come home from BEA with an extra copy of Catching Fire and a Catching Fire pin. And YES, I will be having a giveaway for them! :) So, for the 364 of you who didn't win, keep an eye on my blog, the giveaway will be going up in a few weeks...


Anonymous said...

Haha, I enjoyed reading these! Congratulations Mim. :)

CeeCee said...

A terrific contest brings out amazing creativity. I laughed at a lot of them. Congrats to Mim.

Staci said...

What a fun post to read!!! Just shows how crazy we book lovers are doesn't it?

Congrats Mim!!!

Unknown said...

hahaha those were creative responses

♔ jessica.marie said...

Congrats Mim! ^_^

And I bet it was actually fun to read these entries. ;)

Thao said...

Suzanne Collins should know about this. You guys are so crazy. Congrats to Mim!

Kate said...

Congratulations to Mim!
I loved reading all these answers :D

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! So many funny answers! (although I don't see why "going three months without internet" isn't counted as an extreme measure! :P)

Congrats to Mim! :D