Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Virtual apt. tour, Part 3

So here we have my home office. You can see my desk, my work table and a rug that Weina designed (covered with robots - very original). The hat hanging from the window is from my brother Nick. He brought it back from his exchange year in New Zealand.
The second view is of our bookshelf. You can see Count Olaf (from Lemony Snickett's Series of Unfortunate Events) peeking out between the shelf and the chair. We got that at the Frankfurt Book Fair a few years ago.
And finally, here's a close up view of some of our design books. Books are obviously a passion of ours - maybe someday we'll have as many as my dad :)

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour. I am still debating whether I should post a view of our bedroom and our tiny bathroom. What does my readership opine?


Linda said...

I want to see it all Lenore! Your apartment is VERY nice!

Linda said...

Lenore, how do you place your pictures where you want them in your blog? I can't get them to go anywhere but at the top....