Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where I've Been (European Edition)

Last week, I listed all the US states I've visited and several of you expressed an interest in my doing the same for European countries. While lists vary as to which countries actually belong to Europe, I have taken the list with 50 countries that belong to Europe politically and sort of geographically.

Albania – never been
Andorra – never been
Armenia – at least an overnight
Azerbaijan – never been
Austria – at least an overnight

Belarus – never been
Belgium – at least an overnight
Bosnia and Herzegovina – never been
Bulgaria – never been
Croatia – never been

Cyprus – never been
Czech Republic – at least an overnight
Denmark – at least a week
Estonia – never been
Finland – at least an overnight

France – at least a week
Georgia – at least a week
Germany – lived here
Greece – lived here
Hungary – at least a week

Iceland – at least an overnight
Ireland – at least a week
Italy – at least a week
Kazakhstan – never been
Latvia – at least an overnight

Lithuania – never been
Luxembourg – day trip
Liechtenstein – day trip
Macedonia – never been
Malta – at least an overnight

Moldova – at least an overnight
Monaco – day trip
Montenegro – never been
The Netherlands – at least a week
Norway – at least an overnight

Poland – at least an overnight
Portugal – at least a week
Romania – at least a week
Russia – never been
San Marino – never been

Serbia – never been
Slovakia – never been
Slovenia – never been
Spain – lived here
Sweden – at least a week

Switzerland – at least a week
Turkey – day trip
Ukraine – never been
United Kingdom – at least a week
Vatican City – day trip

3 countries lived in
12 countries visited for at least a week (may not be consecutive days)
11 countries with at least an overnight (but less than a full week)
5 countries on day trip (where I specifically went to an event or attraction in the country)


0 countries only driven through
0 countries where I was in the airport only
19 countries I’ve never set foot in

31 down, 19 to go! How about you?


Iryna said...

Wow, Lenore! You've been everyone! Currently, I'm writing this comment from a computer in the Ukraine. :) I live in Canada, and visited the U.S. once. I also set foot in Poland to get to where I am now. Four countries down, a lot to go!

Iryna said...

I meant to say "you've been everywhere" NOT "everyone". My bad!

Beth Kephart said...

As always, you amaze!

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

How great to see that you have visited Norway =) That's where I live.

H said...

Um, 5. This time next week I'll have been to 6 though. I'm amazed at the number you've lived in! Just wow :)

Author Kelly Moran said...

wow. a bit busy, eh? must have been great to travel and see so much.
pleasure meeting you. great blog. i'm following you now. you should pop in/follow mine. i have all things books...

Amee said...

Wow, you are so well traveled! I've never even been outside the US! >.<

Luanne said...

Ummm - none, but not for lack of wanting to!

Unknown said...

WOW! You are well traveled!!!

Other than US, my countries have just been: Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland (next summer), Germany. I've got Europe almost covered, but I'm dying to see more of the Southern side (Greece and even Georgia or Albania) and Asia.

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Europe. Maybe someday.

Christina Farley said...

This is an amazing list. I've only been to four European countries. I really want to on a full trip and see a bunch. I've been to a lot of Asian countries though but that's because I live in Asia!