Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dystopian Reader Views - Mockingjay Predictions

Only one more week to wait! *squee*

I do have to say, though, the couple of book leaks I have seen make me nervous.  Because I do NOT want spoilers.  I don't even want to hear vague statements like "It ends badly" or "I love the way the ended!".  I may have to go into lockdown mode.  No twitter, no Facebook, no blog reading until I've read Mockingjay for myself.  Unless people keep their spoilers to themselves.  Let's revisit Suzanne Collins' statement shall we?

One of the most important things to me is that everyone in the world is going to be able to experience the final book of The Hunger Games all at the same time, and be able to discover what happens in the book without hearing about it elsewhere first. Word will certainly travel fast, but I urge you – before or immediately after August 24th – to please respect the other Hunger Games fans worldwide and avoid sharing any spoilers, so that the conclusion of Katniss’s story can unfold for each reader the way it was meant to unfold.

Meanwhile, I am loving the #fakemockinjayspoilers thread on twitter.

And I asked dystopian readers - Hunger Games lovers all - for their own predictions of how it's going to go down. As for me? I have no idea.  But I am sure it will be magic. (NOTE: Since this is my blog, I refuse to publish any predictions of Peeta dying. Better. Not. Happen.)

I hope Katniss goes back into the arena. I think Katniss and Gale will take over District 13 and overtake the Capitol. Most of all, I hope Mockingjay is alot more inventive than anything I can come up with. - Jen Arnold @littlejennywren

I hope that the revolution is successful and that they replace the government with a kinder one, but I also see Katniss alone...much like Haymitch...standing on her own...despite the Peeta-Gale debate.  - Serena  @SavvyVerseWit

I have a strange feeling that either [name redacted] or Gale is going to die heroically, because I can't see any other way that triangle is going to be solved. And I'm hoping for a happy ending... maybe the downfall of the Capitol and the independence of the districts... but I don't know if Suzanne Collins will wrap everything up that neatly. Priya

Hopefully, Suzanne Collins will recognize the need for many, many hard endings for most of her characters. In such a world as she has developed for Katniss, I really can't see Katniss enjoying a glowing HEA with the man of her dreams (be he Peeta or Gale or even Cinna). She's a tough woman and I could see her becoming one of the new national leaders (even tho she'd hate it) or even just running away to sorta fade off, while she lives off the land - pretty solitary like. Not the most dramatic thing, but who knows. I just know I'll be right along with everyone else waiting for the big reveal. - Michelle

I haven't the foggiest, since I don't even know how it plans to start. I like how in Catching Fire, you began to see that there were people in the Capitol who hadn't drunk the Kool-Aid and would be willing to fight. There's a bigger world out there, and Katniss has more allies than she thinks. I guess I just hope the world changes.    - Diana Peterfreund, Author

With me crying because my most favorite books of all time will be officially done? Yea, I'm thinking it's going to end with a whole lotta sobbin'. On a more serious note, I do think there will be lots and lots of death. I won't be surprised to see Katniss as the last one standing (as it should be honestly). Maybe, just maybe, with Haymitch by her side. It would be shocking if the Districts lost the revolt but I can picture Collins going that route as she seems to make some daring choices with her writing. Ultimately, though, I do think the Capitol will be toppled. I'd be in absolute heaven if Collins ended it with everyone but Prim dying and she's left to take over. Then we get another set of books :) -  Michelle F.

I have lots of ideas. Obviously the rebellion will be successful. Katniss will not end up with either Gale or Peeta. Prim or Katniss’s mother will die. And there will be something significant with the Mayor’s wife who gave the pin to Katniss. Also, Katniss’s father isn’t dead. - Emily Ellsworth

Rebellion, overthrowing the government, maybe the assassination of President Snow. I think there will be a death of a major character.  - Angela

I don't know! I've tried to refrain from guessing, because I look forward to the surprise. Whatever happens, I expect things won't go well for the Capitol. And that's how it should be. - Amy H. Sturgis, Author

[name redacted] dies heroically/tragically, Katniss is devastated as she finally realizes the extent of her feelings for him, but she and Gale bond in order to reproduce the next generation of Panem citizens under a new government. - Steph Su @stephxsu

This is so hard to say! I've read Suzanne Collins' middle grade series (The Underland Chronicles, which is fantastic) and I know she's not afraid to kill off main characters, or to keep love interests apart. And I think Katniss would be strong and able to stand on her own if needed. That being said, I think we might see Gale sacrificing himself in order to save Peeta (who will be kept alive by his captors in the hopes of getting information about Katniss). Peeta and Katniss are really the faces of the revolution - Katniss more than Peeta, but I think Peeta has an important role to play, too. I think the Capitol will be overthrown, and the book will end with a sense of needing to rebuild. - Heather Trese @HeatherTrese

The Capital will realize how wrong its been and release its iron grip on the districts. Then Katniss will realize how Peeta is the only one for her and they marry and have 2.5 little Katniss's...and there will be rainbows and fireworks and Gale will....ah...yeah...I can't continue. I have NO clue as to how it will end. Collins is a mater story teller and she completely took me by surprise in Catching Fire so I can't even begin to imagine what will happen in Mockingjay. I wouldn't put it past her to kill Katniss, Peeta, Gale and all the others who are fighting against the Captial....and that the Capital remains in control & becomes even more restrictive. I don't think we'll get a happily ever after. - Gail  @Irisheyz77

Well, I hope for Katniss and Peeta getting together, Cinna not being dead, and creepy President Snow dying in a horribly painful way. I think, though, that we’re going to see at least one major character death (my best guess, because it cannot be Peeta – are you listening, Suzanne Collins? – is Gale and/or Haymitch) and a conclusion that doesn’t offer full closure but that offers hope for the future.  - Jennifer

TEAM PEETA!  - Amy @myfriendamy

What about you?  What are your predictions for Mockingjay?


Meghan said...

Hehe, I agree with Amy's prediction! Go Peeta!

But in all seriousness, I genuinely haven't thought about it. I want to be surprised, and if I guessed right I would be disappointed. I'm with you in that I don't want to hear a word about it until I've finished it for myself. I'll definitely be avoiding the internet until my copy arrives!

Amanda said...

I don't really have any predictions, though I keep saying please please please let both boys live and Katniss reject both of them and live on her own. And then Gale can die. That would be my favorite. :D

Anonymous said...

HeatherTrese really worried me.

Me? I predict a riot and I am scared that something will happen to Gale (and it will break my heart, I can feel it coming)

Beth Kephart said...

I love how a book, an author, can generate such intrigue and energy about her. It's a wonderful thing.

bermudaonion said...

Since I haven't read either of the books, I'm going to pass this post on to Carl. I am so out of it!

Alessandra said...

Team Peeta all the way!! Love the "Katniss realizes that Peeta is the only one for her and they have 2.5 children" prediction, lol. Don't really care what happens to Gale, actually. I think he will die heroically, but if he lives, I suppose he can marry Madge, or Prim when she gets a bit older, so he gets to be Katniss's brothe-in-law and they're all a happy family :)

Heather said...

OK, that [name redacted] bit made me snort a little. Notice how I said "main characters" could die, but when push came to shove I let Gale take the fall. Obviously if anyone is going down, it's anyone *but* Peeta.


Steph Su said...

LOL I don't even remember answering this question! Hahaha. Also, I have more Mockingjay posts planned for my blog, expounding on this point. I hope you won't mind. :)

Anonymous said...

*echoes Amy's prediction*

I waver between wanting spoilers and not -- because if anything happens to He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named or if Team Gale comes true... I'd really like a warning.

Jacqueline C. said...

Gale dies, Katniss saves the day and Peeta gracefully forgives Katniss for her faithlessness!

Anonymous said...

President Snow will kill either Peeta, Prim or Gale, in some sort of creepy showdown with Katniss watching, I think. And I think everybody's right, HEA's are going to be rare. Although I do hope Cinna turns up.

Stephanie said...

I haven't decided yet whether I am on team Peeta or team Gale! I am excited to read Mockingjay and see what happens.

Sandy Nawrot said...

I'm so uptight over waiting for this damn thing for so long, I don't even want to talk about what might happen. I JUST WANT TO READ IT! See here is my issue. I have to listen to the audio, because that is how the kids and I have "read" the first two. I have it pre-ordered from Amazon, but of course I'm too cheap to pay for overnight shipping, so I have to wait for slow shipping, THEN I can only listen while the three of us are in the car. Ack! I want to stick my head in the sand with the reviews that are going to flood the blogosphere 24 hours after it releases...

Jacqueline C. said...

I posted about my predictions - http://www.eclecticbooklover.com/2010/08/mockingjay-my-predictions-on-death-toll.html

Alyce said...

So that's why my prediction isn't on here! LOL! Well I didn't say I wanted Peeta to die - I'm on team Peeta for heaven's sake! :)

Michelle said...

Ugh, I can't comment on these predictions because I don't want to spoil on it for you.