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Upcoming YA dystopian lit for 2011 and 2012

First half of 2011

Seventeen-year-old Amy joins her parents as frozen cargo aboard the vast spaceship Godspeed and expects to awaken on a new planet, three hundred years in the future. Never could she have known that her frozen slumber would come to an end fifty years too soon and that she would be thrust into the brave new world of a spaceship that lives by its own rules.

Amy quickly realizes that her awakening was no mere computer malfunction. Someone—one of the few thousand inhabitants of the spaceship—tried to kill her. And if Amy doesn’t do something soon, her parents will be next.

Now, Amy must race to unlock Godspeed’s hidden secrets. But out of her list of murder suspects, there’s only one who matters: Elder, the future leader of the ship and the love she could never have seen coming.

Razorbill. January 11,2011

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And don't forget to check out the books of the other debut authors in the League of Extraordinary Writers that I profiled earlier this month.

WITHER by Lauren DeStefano
The first in THE CHEMICAL GARDEN trilogy. Thanks to modern science, every human being has become a ticking genetic time bomb—males only live to age twenty-five, and females only live to age twenty. In this bleak landscape, young girls are kidnapped and forced into polygamous marriages to keep the population from dying out.

When sixteen-year-old Rhine Ellery is taken by the Gatherers to become a bride, she enters a world of wealth and privilege. Despite her husband Linden's genuine love for her, and a tenuous trust among her sister wives, Rhine has one purpose: to escape—to find her twin brother and go home.

But Rhine has more to contend with than losing her freedom. Linden's eccentric father is bent on finding an antidote to the genetic virus that is getting closer to taking his son, even if it means collecting corpses in order to test his experiments. With the help of Gabriel, a servant she trusts, Rhine attempts to break free, in the limted time she has left.

Simon & Schuster. March 22, 2011

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BUMPED by Megan McCafferety
Described in Publishers Weekly as “a sharply funny and provocative dystopian novel set in a world where only teens are able to have babies, and are contracted by adults to carry them to term.” A cross between HEATHERS and THE HANDMAID’S TALE. Harper Collins. April 26, 2011

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DARK PARTIES by Sara Grant
About a country that generations ago closed its borders to people and ideas. No one knows what exists outside their protected society. Neva and her best friend secretly plot to force the government to open its borders. Anyone who threatens the government seems to disappear mysteriously. Neva receives a message from her grandma who vanished without a trace 10 years ago, inviting her to escape to the outside. Now she has a choice–stay and save her country or leave and save herself. Little, Brown. April 2011.

AWAKEN by Katie Kacvinsky
In the year 2060, everything is done digitally. Kids no longer go to schools. They stay home and take classes online. Adults work from home, too. Even dating is no longer done in person. Why walk on a real beach when you can stroll down a digitally remastered one instead? No bad weather, no seagulls, nothing real to ruin a perfectly fine time.

Though she's grown up in this digital world, something about being cut off from everyone doesn't sit right with seventeen-year-old Madeline. Her favorite activity--the only one she does off line--is soccer. She likes the physicality of it and the comradery with the other girls.

Then she meets Justin. He, too, prefers life off line. It's all he talks about. He even takes her out to a real coffee shop and an underground club. Maybe it's his attentiveness, or the physical closeness of actually being with someone, or just that he's very good looking, Madie is definitely drawn to him. But there's also something very aloof about him, like perhaps he's hiding something.

When Madie uncovers the truth, she's faced with the question: What's more important, fighting for what you believe in or love? Houghton Mifflin. May 23, 2011.

Sometime in 2011

A post-apocalyptic retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Balzer & Bray.

Why Diana loves Persuasion

Start of the BIRTHRIGHT trilogy. Set in a dystopian future where chocolate and caffeine are contraband while water and paper are carefully rationed, the series relates the ascension and ultimate downfall of a 16-year-old girl, the heir apparent to an important and dangerous New York City crime family. FSG.

ASHES by Ilsa Bick
Begins when an electromagnetic pulse sweeps through the sky, killing the vast majority of the world population and zapping every electronic device. Everyone still alive has changed considerably -- some for the better (those who acquired a superhuman sense) while others for the worse (those who acquired a taste for human flesh). Egmont.

Pitched as THE ROAD meets 28 DAYS LATER, in which four teenagers must travel different roads to find safety and each other, after earthquakes trigger the emergence of murderous ‘Baggers’, ordinary people turned crazy killers, in a world descended into apocalyptic chaos. Simon & Schuster. Fall 2011.

 This is a dystopian fantasy about a society where strength and intelligence are rewarded in 13 year olds and creativity is punished by death. Alexander Stowe is an unwanted and is “purged” from his community. Simon & Schuster. Fall 2011.

Coming in 2012

Two hundred years from now, the great cities of the west coast of the United Americas are under water. Blood has become the most valuable commodity on the planet – especially the blood of aboriginal peoples, for it contains antigens that protect them from the plagues that ravage the rest of the world.

Sixteen year old Cassandra Mecredi might be aboriginal by blood, but without a totem animal, she cannot make sense of her visions or walk the paths of the spirit world. When her family is forced to leave their reservation, they flee east to the Island: a mysterious and idyllic territory free from the depredations of industry and sickness and under the control of the Band, a group of guerrilla warriors. There, Cassandra will become the apprentice to a wise woman, fall in love, and find her destiny when the creatures of spirit claim her as their own. For the spirit world is angry... and they have chosen Cassandra to be their voice and instrument. Simon and Shuster.

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CYBERNETIC by Laura Riken
About a 16-year-old girl who lives in a walled city surrounded by bloodthirsty beasts, and also threatened by rival armies of cybernetic soldiers who want to enslave humanity.

A trilogy pitched as "The Hunger Games" meets "The Bachelor," following 17-year-old America Singer, one of the eligible young women selected to compete to become the next queen, who finds herself falling in love despite only wanting to break her family out of the lower castes and leaving her boyfriend at home. 2012.

Set in a dystopian world with killer tornadoes, corporations that profit from them, and a group of teens at an elite science camp who risk everything to expose their society's dark secrets and find a way to stop the storms. Middle Grade. Walker Books. 2012.

THE WAY WE FALL by Megan Crewe
A triology in which a 16-year-old challenges her fears, finds a second chance at love, and fights to keep her family and friends safe as a deadly new virus devastates her island community. Disney-Hyperion. 2012

Which 2011 and 2012 dystopian books are you super excited about?


Julie@My5monkeys said...

across the universe sounds really cool

Deborah said...

oh wow i had no idea megan mccafferty had a new book coming out! and it sounds totally different from the jessica darling books. sound great!

Anna said...

Eye of the Storm is my husband's kind of book. I'll have to tell him about it tonight. Thanks for this list!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Wither and also, a new GABRIELLE ZEVIN BOOK?? :O I want!

Ladytink_534 said...

I want to read Wither so bad!

Sarah said...

What a fabulous resource! I'm going to have to mark some of these titles down to remember.

Staci said...

Great list of books!! Looks like dystopian may be the "hot" topic for next year!

Anonymous said...

Yum! I love dystopian literature. This is a great list. I REALLY want to read Wither!

Kulsuma said...

Wow, I want to read so many of these books!

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Wow. I am totally going to wishlist every title that you've just mentioned. Thanks for compiling this awesome list!

Raspberry said...

THANK you.

christina said...

I love both of the covers but think neither is my thing. However, the post apocalyptic Jane Austen book coming out in 2011 sounds superb.

Alex Bennett from Electrifying Reviews said...

They all sound so great!

Alex Bennett from Electrifying Reviews said...

They all sound so great!

danya said...

Thanks for the fabulous list! I'm looking forward to Wither, and a post-apocalyptic retelling of Persuasion sounds amazing if she can pull it off!

-k said...

These sound AMAZING! I can't wait to read them.

Christina said...

I am really excited to learn about the new Diana Peterfreund book! I haven't read Rampant and Ascendant yet, although they are in the pile of to read books from ALA. I suspect they will be amazing from the good things I have heard. So, good author + dystopia + Jane Austen? That is destined to be made of win!

kay - Infinite Shelf said...

What a fabulous list! I heard about Across the Universe this week and I am already looking forward to it. Wither has an awesome cover.

Unknown said...

I adore the premise for Wither. Can't believe that there are so many exciting dystopian titles to look forward to. Thanks for this great post!

Michelle said...

I just saw a link to the first chapter of Across the Universe floating around the Twitterverse. There are some great sounding books coming up!

Anonymous said...

:) Oh, thank you. I am bookmarking this post to keep track of all the upcoming dystopians!

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is definitely on the top of my to-read list. I like science fiction, and the first chapter of this is amazing.

Meytal Radzinski said...

"Across the Universe" sounds 100% sci-fi, not at all dystopian...

Lenore Appelhans said...

Biblibio - I read the first chapter of ATU and I does sound like there could be dystopian stuff afoot. It is true though that a lot of books that are more sci-fi these days are being marketed as dystopian just because dystopian is so hot right now.

Beth F said...

Another great post to bookmark. I love this list of what to look for.

kaye said...

seems pretty cool. love to read that. thanks for sharing! :)

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Awaken sounds like my kind of book! I had never even heard of most of these book, so this post is awesome. Now, if only the release dates weren't so far away...

Rebecca Herman said...

I know I'm late here, but great list! I want to read several of these really badly.

Pam Pho said...

Reading Across the Universe now, read Wither, just finished Dark Parties. I am thinking Across the Universe is more Sci-Fi.

Anonymous said...

that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time

Tyler said...

Here are a few other good Dystopian novels to read: