Sunday, April 10, 2011

Readathon Book Review: Dangerous Neighbors by Beth Kephart

Philadelphia 1876: Katherine's hollowness after the loss of her twin Anna drives her to contemplate suicide.  Katherine had always been the more responsible twin, self-charged with looking out for careless, carefree Anna.  So when Anna dies in an accident, Katherine feels it was her fault - and she just can't live with her guilt.

As per usual, Kephart writes with clarity, beauty and keen observation.  I felt the weight of Katherine's grief - the tragic fragility of life and how all can be lost in an instant.  Katherine cannot cope with the fact that the world bustles on, despite Anna's departure.  Her parents refuse to talk about it, she has no other friends to turn to. But the Centennial fair, and the chance encounters it provides, brings hope back into Katherine's life.

This is a quiet story - no shocking revelations or sordid twists. It's power lies in its intense emotional honesty and its finely crafted prose.

Find out more about the book at the author's blog.


Beth Kephart said...

Dearest Lenore, I was speaking of you just yesterday at a YA book festival in a Philadelphia neighborhood, sharing your good news with another dear YA author with an interest in dystopian fiction and fantasy. I had come here to tell you that, and look what I find.

My great thanks to you for taking time with this book, for sharing its story.


bermudaonion said...

I hope to read this soon - I love Kephart's writing.

Beth Kephart said...

Thank you here:

You are the best.



Meghan said...

Like Kathy, I really want to read this soon too. It sounds like just the kind of book I love.

Unknown said...

I have this book on my tbr list. I like intense, powerful books with strong characters. Already I feel for Katherine.

Liviania said...

Great choice for the readathon.

Cecelia said...

Ah, I loved this one. Glad you did too. It's a special book.