Thursday, April 29, 2010

International Book Blogger Mentor Program Featured Bloggers (2)

It can be tough to keep up with the book blogging community when you don’t live in the US or Canada. Publishers won’t send you books, most contests aren’t for you, and it can be next to impossible to find certain titles in your home country.

That's why I decided to start the International Book Blogger Mentor Program to support book bloggers outside the US and Canada. Each month during 2010, I match up international bloggers with mentors (either me or other experienced book bloggers). Mentees get 3 review copies, blog advice, and are featured here on Presenting Lenore. Check out the FAQ on how to apply or to sponsor!

And now for the program's latest mentees:

First up we have Milka from Read. Read. Read. who lives in Finland. Milka chose 3 books from my pile including The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, and June by Robin Benway which she quite enjoyed, saying:

The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June will charm the fans of Audrey, Wait! with its wit, funny characters and magic. (Read her whole review)

She also chose Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers and loved it, saying:

Now after reading it I can say that it was all I expected and even more. I feel I want to read it again right now! I haven't felt like this about a book since I read Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Andersen. (Read her whole review)

Milka is a fairly new book blogger and is super sweet - so please check out her blog and reviews when you have a chance. You might even learn some Finnish words!


Now on to my blogger sponsor on the month - Kristi of The Story Siren! I was so thrilled that THE powerhouse YA book blogger came on the team - and so was Shweta, her mentee from India. Shweta blogs at Shweta's Book Journal and is also always up for a chat on Twitter. Kristi sent her several books including Ice by Sarah Beth Durst. Here's an excerpt of Shweta's review:

Another great thing about the book was the mixture of science with fantasy. Cassie being a believer of science at heart uses her knowledge in helping the Polar Bear King in his fulfilling his duty. Let me tell you that part of the plot definitely didn't look out of place or forced. Goes to prove magic and science can co exist. If the author so wishes. (Read her whole review)

Shweta has been book blogging since Dec. 2009 and always has a lot of fun reviews and bookish stuff on her blog. Check her out!


My author sponsor for March was the amazing Beth Kephart! I loved Undercover and Nothing but Ghosts and can't wait to start The Heart is Not a Size (which I just bought) and her upcoming Dangerous Neighbors (you bet I'll be first in her autograph line at BEA). Beth sent three of her novels to Patty of Yay! Reads who lives in Puerto Rico (technically part of the US, but with extra shipping fees so counts as international). Patty has already read and reviewed the 3 books Beth sent, and liked Undercover best of all saying:

Again, Beth Kephart excels with beautiful writing and a real story. I loved how unique the plot was. I mean, ghost writer for love notes? That's freaking awesome. I loved how we can see how Elisa changed through the book. She became a very strong and brave character in the end. (Read her whole review)

You can also check out Patty's review of The Heart is Not a Size and her review of House of Dance.

Not only does Patty read & review 2-3 books a week, she is also an aspiring author! Why not stop by and say hello?


This month I am pleased to introduce Megan Kelly who not only blogs about YA books at Devour Books but who also teaches at a middle school in rural Bahamas. Here's what she has to say about the school:

Deep Creek Middle School was founded in 2001 when a need was recognized for a strong school for adolescent students. It is the only middle school in The Bahamas and is currently in the process to receive the Caribbean’s first Eco Schools Green Flag award. We are located in southern Eleuthera, a rural island in The Bahamas. Our mission is to provide a nurturing community with an experiential education bent. We believe this will create academic growth and responsible citizenship in our future leaders of The Bahamas.

Our school library is the only one within an hour's drive and is a resource for everyone in the community. Because of their access to a wide variety of books, our students (many of whom enter the 7th grade at a 3rd grade reading level) all graduate reading at or above grade level.

The school would love any donations you could make to their library - picture books, middle grade, and YA. And the best part is - they even have a US based address so you could media mail for just a few dollars! I'm sending over a flat-rate book full of books just as soon as I can fill one up. Here's the address:

Cape Eleuthera Island School-RSD
Twin Air
3406 S.W. 9th Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315

Make sure to include a note with your name/e-mail/blog address (if applicable) and that Presenting Lenore sent you! And yes, there IS something in it for you! Megan will gather up all those notes that she receives by June 15th and pick one at random to win a BEA swag pack from me which will include a ton of signed bookmarks, at least 2 hot ARCs/books, a very cool bag and whatever else strikes my fancy. Of course international people can send books too to get an entry to the drawing and win a prize.

To be eligible for the prize, you must send at least 2 books in good condition (no ARCs please). I'll annouce the winner in the June issue of IBBMP.

Thank you!

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Shweta said...

Yeah ,You made me sound so good Lenore. Also love the blog button u made :) Thank u

It's great to have Kristi as my mentor. She doesn't credit herself at all and keeps saying I don't need a mentor but I so do :)

Off to see the other blogs.

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

I really love that you're doing this and I'm happy to see that the project is a success! :D Keep up the good work! :D

bermudaonion said...

Great post, Lenore! Thanks for including the address for that school - I'll be sure to get some books to them.

Carla said...

I've been visiting Sweta's blog for a while now and she posts some amazing reviews. This is such a good way to find out about other international bloggers, because I suppose i'm classed as one, seen as the majority of bloggers are from the US.

Unknown said...

Way to go Lenore! Second batch of mentees. I'm sure they enjoyed being under your win :) Many thanks again for being my mentor too!

-- Ruby

Steph Su said...

Wow, where have I been all these months, to not know about your book blogger mentor program and how awesome you're running it? I think I'm going to email you about this soon. :)

And thanks for the info about donating to Deep Creek Middle School! I have several boxes of books that I absolutely need to get out of the apartment (I'm downsizing - sigh) and so this is a great help to me.

Beth Kephart said...

It was so much fun to participate in this. Patty is a terrific reviewer, and it was a pleasure sending my books across borders (sort of) for her sake.

Beth Kephart said...

oh, and love the school donation possibility. will send some books along....

Sandy Nawrot said...

You are doing so much good here...your generosity just spreads! I'm wondering exactly when you sleep...

Alice said...

This is a great program! Thanks for running it, you're doing an amazing job. I'm an international book blogger too, though I don't have much (okay, any) experience with finding books, I do think it's much harder for international bloggers. Thanks so much for this program!

Jan von Harz said...

Great program. i absolutely love Shweta's reviews. As a middle school teacher myself, all the books I buy end up in my classroom, but I will definitely share some books to with a fellow middle school teacher. Thanks for the address.

Ynysawdre Elderly Residents Association said...

What an amazing thing to do. You should all be really proud of yourselves. Well Done :)

Miss K said...

Lenore, I am thrilled to read all these comments! My students are going to be so excited by the book flood heading our way. With no book stores on our island, we only get books through donations (and what I can purchase). Still, we manage to do amazing things: the average student's reading level increases by over two grade levels in 10 months. Some of our kids go from 5th grade to 11th grade reading level in one year. It's all thanks to a plethora of awesome books. THANK YOU!

Nayuleska said...

Lenore - great program! I've been introduced to some fab blogs now :) (yes, I am now following all those mentioned here. I hope to comment...soon (although I don't comment much, I always read posts).

Patricia said...

This was really fun. Thank you so much!

Serena said...

Lenore, I really love this international mentor program you have going is wonderful and I get to be exposed to so many great new blogs!

Keep up the great this only for YA bloggers?