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Index of all dystopian/post apocalyptic fiction reviews on Presenting Lenore

Welcome to Dystopian February and August! This is an index of all my dystopian/post apocalyptic fiction reviews. I will add to this index as I post reviews through my dystopian theme months.

200+ books read!

Aguirre, Ann: Enclave (once known as Razorland) (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Albin, Gennifer: Crewel (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Anastasiu, Heather: Glitch & Override, Shutdown (YA, Series, Technological Dystopia)
Anderson, MT: Feed (YA, Standalone, Technological Dystopia)
Anthony, Joelle: Restoring Harmony (YA, Standalone, Post Apocalyptic)
Bachorz, Pam: Candor (YA, Standalone, Technological Dystopia)
Bachorz, Pam: Drought (YA, Standalone, Religious Dystopia)
Bacigalupi, Paolo: Ship Breaker (YA, Series, Environmental Dystopia)
Baggott, Julianna: Pure (Adult, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Beckett, Bernard: Genesis (YA, Standalone, Technological Dystopia)
Bertagna, Julie: Exodus (YA, Series, Environmental Dystopia)
Bick, Ilsa J.: Ashes & Shadows (YA, Series, Post-Apocalptic)
Bobet, Leah: Above (YA, Standalone, Medical Dystopia?)
Bodeen, SA: The Gardener (YA, Standalone, Medical Dystopia - limited in nature)
Bosworth, Jennifer: Struck (YA, Standalone, Pre-Apocalyptic/Disaster)
Bowman, Erin: Taken (YA, Series, Political Dystopian)
Bracken, Alexandra: The Darkest Minds, In Time e-Novella, Never Fade (YA, Series, Supernatural/Politcal Dystopia)
Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451 (Adult, Standalone, Political Dystopia)
Brallier, Max: Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? (Adult, Standalone, Apocalyptic)
Buckley, Carla: The Things that Keep Us Here (Adult, Standalone, Apocalyptic)
Butler, Octavia E.: Parable of the Sower (Adult, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Bynum, Laura: Veracity (Adult, Standalone, Political Dystopia)
Carey, Anna: Eve & Once (YA, Series, Political Dystopia/Post Apocalyptic)
Carmody, Isobelle: Obernewtyn (YA, Series, Technological Dystopia/Post Apocalyptic)
Cass, Kiera: The Selection (YA, Series, Vague Dystopic Elements)
Chapman, Elsie: Dualed, Divided (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Cohn, Rachel: Beta (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia)
Collins, Suzanne: The Hunger Games & Catching Fire & Mockingjay (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Condie, Ally: Matched & Crossed (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Crewe, Megan: The Way We Fall (YA, Series, Apocalyptic)
Cronin, Justin: The Passage (Adult, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Crowder, Melanie: Parched (Middle Grade, Standalone, Post Apocalyptic)
Dahlquist, Gordon: The Different Girl (YA, Standalone, Vague Dystopian Setting)
Dashner, James: The Maze Runner (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Derting, Kimberly: The Pledge (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
DeStefano, Lauren: Wither & Fever & Sever (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia)
Doctorow, Cory: For the Win (YA, Standalone, Technological Dystopia)
dos Santos, Steven: The Culling (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Falls, Kat: Dark Life (Middle Grade, Series, Environmental Dystopia)
Fama, Elizabeth: Plus One (YA, Standalone, Political Dystopia)
Farmer, Nancy: The House of the Scorpion (YA, Standalone, Medical Dystopia)
Fforde, Jasper: Shades of Grey (Adult, Series, Political Dystopia)
Fisher, Catherine: Incarceron & Sapphique (YA, Series, Technological Dystopia)
Gill, David Macinnis: Black Hole Sun (YA, Series, Vague Dystopic Elements)
Goodman, Allegra: The Other Side of the Island (YA, Standalone, Environmental Dystopia)
Grant, Michael: Gone (YA, Series, Supernatural Dystopia)
Grant, Sara: Half Lives (YA, Standalone, Near Future Apocalyptic)
Gray, Eva: Tomorrow Girls Behind the Gates (Middle Grade, Series, Political Dystopia)
Griffin, Bethany: Masque of the Red Death (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic/Plague)
Haddix, Margaret Peterson: Among the Hidden & Among the Imposters (Middle Grade, Series, Environmental/Political Dystopia)
Hagen, Bethany: Landry Park (YA, Series, Technological Dystopia)
Hall, Teri: The Line (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Hauge, Lesley: Nomansland (YA, Standalone, Gender Role Dystopia)
Helvig, Kristi: Burn Out (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Hirsch, Jeff: The Eleventh Plague (YA, Standalone, Post Apocalyptic)
Hoffman, Alice: Green Angel (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Holmqvist, Ninni: The Unit (Adult, Standalone, Medical Dystopia)
Holyoke, Polly: The Neptune Project (Middle Grade, Series, Dystopian Elements)
John, Antony: Elemental (YA, Series, Post-Apocalyptic)
Johnson, Elana: Possession & Surrender and Abandon (YA, Companion Novels, Political Dystopia)
Jordan, Hillary: When She Woke (Adult, Standalone, Political Dystopia)
Kacvinsky, Katie: Awaken (YA, Series, Technological/Social Dystopia)
Kang, Lydia: Control (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia)
Karp, Jesse: Those That Wake (YA, Standalone, Supernatural Dystopia)
Kincaid, SJ: Insignia (YA, Series, Technological Dystopia)
Kinch, Michael: The Blending Time (YA, Series, Environmental Dystopia)
Knutsson, Catherine: Shadows Cast by Stars (YA, Standalone?, Post-Apoc)
Kristoff, Jay: Stormdancer (YA, Series, Steampunk Dystopia)
Landon, Kristen: The Limit (Middle Grade, Standalone, Economic Dystopia)
Laybourne, Emmy: Monument 14 (YA, Series, Apocalyptic/Disaster)
Lloyd, Saci: Carbon Diaries 2015 (YA, Series, Near Future Post Apocalyptic)
London, Alex: Proxy (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Lu, Marie: Legend & Prodigy & Champion (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Lunetta, Demitria: In the After (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Mafi, Tahereh: Shatter Me (YA, Series, Supernatural/Political Dystopia)
Malley, Gemma: The Declaration & The Resistance (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia)
Mariz, Rae: The Unidentified (YA, Standalone, Corporate Dystopia)
Martin, CK Kelly: Yesterday (YA, Standalone, Post Apocalyptic/Technological Dystopia)
Meadows, Jodi: Incarnate (YA, Series, Utopia)
McCafferty, Megan: Bumped & Thumped (YA, Series, Social/Medical Dystopia)
McCarthy, Cori: The Color of Rain (YA/NA, Standalone?, Post Apocalyptic/Space)
McGinnis, Mindy: Not A Drop to Drink (YA, Standalone?, Post Apocalyptic/Environmental)
McLaughlin, Lauren: Scored (YA, Standalone, Social Dystopia)
Messner, Kate: Eye of the Storm (MG, Standalone, Environmental Dystopia)
Mitchell, J. Barton: Midnight City (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic/Alien Invasion)
Ness, Patrick: The Knife of Never Letting Go & The Ask and the Answer & Monsters of Men (YA, Series, Gender Role Dystopia)
North, Phoebe: Starglass (YA, Series, Political Dystopia/Space)
Nunez, Sigrid: Salvation City (Adult, Standalone, Temporary Dystopia)
O'Brien, Caragh: Birthmarked & Prized & Promised (YA, Series, Environmental/Medical Dystopia)
O'Brien, Robert C: Z for Zachariah (YA, Standalone, Post Apocalyptic)
Oliver, Lauren: Delirium & Pandemonium & Hana e-NovellaRequiem (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia)
Pass, Emma: The Fearless (YA, Standalone, Post-Apocalyptic)
Pearson, Mary E.: The Adoration of Jenna Fox & The Fox Inheritance (YA, Series, Technological Dystopia)
Peikoff, Kira: Living Proof (Adult, Standalone, Religious/Political Dystopia)
Pfeffer, Susan Beth: Life As We Knew It & This World We Live In (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Price, Lissa: Portrait of a Starter e-NovellaStarters & Enders (YA, Series, Technological Dystopia/Post Apocalyptic)
Revis, Beth: Across the Universe & A Million Suns & Shades of Earth (YA, Series, Political Dystopia/Space)
Roberts, Jeyn: The Dark Inside (YA, Series, Apocalyptic)
Rosoff, Meg: How I Live Now (YA, Standalone, Post Apocalyptic)
Rossi, Veronica: Under the Never Sky, Through the Ever Night, Into the Still Blue (YA, Series, Technological Dystopia)
Roth, Veronica: Divergent (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Ryan, Carrie: The Forest of Hands and Teeth & The Dead-Tossed Waves & The Dark and Hollow Places; Hare Moon short story (YA, Series of Companion Novels, Post Apocalyptic)
Scott, Elizabeth: Grace (YA, Standalone, Political Dystopia)
Seifert, Christine: The Predicteds (YA, Standalone, Extremely limited dystopia)
Sheehan, Anna: A Long, Long Sleep (YA, Standalone, Post Apocalyptic/Technological Dystopia)
Shusterman, Neal: Unwind (YA, Companion Novel Planned, Medical Dystopia)
Simmons, Kristen: Article 5 (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Smibert, Angie: Memento Nora & The Forgetting Curve (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia)
Smith, Alexander Gordon: Lockdown, Solitary (YA, Escape from Furnace Series, Political Dystopia - but limited in nature)
Snyder, Maria V.: Inside Out, Outside In (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Spooner, Meagan: Skylark (YA, Series, Supernatural/Political Dystopia)
Spooner, Meagan (with Amie Kaufman): These Broken Stars (YA, Series, Corporate Dystopia)
Stasse, Lisa M.: The Forsaken (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Stead, Rebecca: First Light (Middle Grade, Standalone, Politcal Dystopia)
Stracher, Cameron: The Water Wars (YA, Standalone, Political/Environmental Dystopia)
Summers, Courtney: This is Not a Test (YA Standalone, Apocalyptic)
Tintera, Amy: Reboot, Rebel (YA, Series, Medical/Political Dystopia)
Trevayne, Emma: Coda & Chorus (YA, Series, Political Dystopia)
Wells, Dan: Partials (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic/Political Dystopia)
Wells, Robison: Variant & Feedback (YA, Series, Limited Dystopia)
Wasserman, Robin: Skinned & Crashed, Wired (YA, Series, Technological Dystopia)
Westerfeld, Scott: Uglies & Pretties & Specials (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia)
Wiggins, Bethany: Stung & Cured (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia)
Winnacker, Susanne: The Other Life (YA, Series, Post Apocalyptic)
Winters, Cat: In the Shadow of Blackbirds (YA, Standalone, Historical Apocalyptic)
Young, Moira: Blood Red Road & Rebel Heart (YA, Series, Post-apocalyptic)
Young, Suzanne: The Program (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia-Mental Health)
Zevin, Gabrielle: All These Things I've Done & Because It Is My Blood, In the Age of Love and Chocolate (YA, Series, Semi-Post-Apocalyptic)
Zhang, Kat: What's Left of Me (YA, Series, Medical Dystopia)

Other recommended titles I've read but not reviewed (links lead to spotlight posts)

Atwood, Margaret: The Handmaid's Tale (Adult, Standalone, Gender Role Dystopia)
Berry, Max: Jennifer Government (Adult, Standalone, Corporate Dystopia)
Burgess, Anthony: A Clockwork Orange (Adult, Standalone, ?)
Doctorow, Cory: Little Brother (YA, Standalone, Technological Dystopia)
Dunn, Mark: Ella Minnow Pea (Adult, Standalone, Political Dystopia)
Duprau, Jeanne: The City of Ember (Middle Grade, Series, Political Dystopia)
Hegland, Jean: Into the Forest (Adult, Standalone, Apocalyptic)
Huxley, Aldous: Brave New World (Adult, Standalone, Political Dystopia)
Ishiguro, Kazuo: Never Let Me Go (Adult, Standalone, Medical Dystopia)
Jackson, Shirley: The Lottery (Adult, Short Story, Political Dystopia)
King, Stephen: The Stand (Adult, Standalone, Post Apocalyptic)
Lowry, Lois: The Giver (Middle Grade, Series, Political Dystopia)
McCarthy, Cormac: The Road (Adult, Standalone, Post Apocalyptic)
Mitchell, David: Cloud Altas (Adult, Standalone, Post Apocalypic elements)
Orwell, George: 1984 (Adult, Standalone, Political Dystopia)
Orwell, George: Animal Farm (Adult, Standalone, Political Dystopia)
Slesar, Henry: Examination Day (Adult, Short Story, Political Dystopia)
Tepper, Sheri: The Gate to Women's Country (Adult, Standalone, Gender Role Dystopia)


Buckell, Tobias S.: Diverse Energies (YA, short stories, Post Apocalyptic)

Secondary Literature

Wilson, Leah, ed.: The Girl Who Was On Fire (Essays about Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games) + The Girl Who Was On Fire - Movie Edition (incl. 3 new essays)

Parody of Dystopian Premises on Quirk Books

How many of these have you read?


Beth F said...
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Beth F said...

I've read a total of 11 from your lists and I own several others. I'm so excited about your themed February.

Charlotte said...

It's interesting to see your breakdown of the types of dystopia--that must have taken a lot of thought. The lines are awfully fuzzy; I, for instance, would call Genesis a political dystopia (since it is a political dystopia for the current inhabitants), but I can see why you went with technological! Or an argument could be made for Post Apoclyptic...tricky!

Michelle said...

I've read 8.

Shades of Grey didn't make your list?

brizmus said...

Very cool list! Given that I have only read 8 of them, looks like I've got a lot of reading to do! :-)

Lenore Appelhans said...

Charlotte - It is so true that the lines are fuzzy with many of them. I just went with my gut feeling, and I am sure that others might categorize one or the other of them differently.

Michelle - Shades of Grey will be added to the list when I review it on Wednesday :)

Alea said...

Wow I have read more than I would have guessed! 5!

KHCPL Staff said...

Shockingly, I have read a total of 15 books from the two lists and many of them are my favorites... I guess I like all those dystopian futures! I can also list several others not on your lists that I have read and liked. I never knew I liked such negative views of the future...hmmm...guess I learned something! I can't wait to see more of this theme in February.

Steve said...

Oh crap, and here I was giving myself props for getting so much reading done lately! My book list is starting to look like my Netflix queue?!?!

Jen Robinson said...

I've read 15 from your reviewed list, and 10 more from your list of other recommended titles. Several others are on my TBR list, no surprise.

Looking forward to Dystopia month!

Misty said...

Yay, dystopia! I've read quite a few of these (18) and have quite a few on my tbr list. I especially want to read The Adoration of Jenna Fox, Jennifer Government, Life as we Knew it, Never Let Me Go, and Candor.

I just recently bought The Year of the Flood by Atwood, which is a sequel of sorts to Oryx and Crake, which if you haven't read it, needs to be pushed to the top of your list. Now. Go. I'll wait.

Donna Gambale said...

Love this list, and your breakdown of the types.

I've read... Hunger Games/Catching Fire, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Uglies/Pretties/Specials, The Giver, and 1984. But I'm dying to read Candor, Life As We Knew It, and The Knife of Never Letting Go.

Sadako said...

Not enough but I love your list! I'll check out more of them soon. :D

Lorin said...

I've read 13 of them (including Hunger Games and Uglies series books separately).

Looking forward to reading all your posts this month. I think it will be fun, in a dystopian way.

PJ Hoover said...

This is a super handy list, Lenore! Thanks for compiling it!

carma_bee said...

Dystopian and post-apocalyptic books are some of my favourite to read so I'm excited for the rest of this month! I've read a total of 15 from both lists, and I already had some others on my wishlist.

NatalieSap said...

Oh, how I love dystopias. I've read 17 from your lists and have been meaning to read several more. I'm happy you chose February to focus on dystopias - it's a nice contrast to all the lovey-dovey nonsense of the month. ;)

Heather Zundel said...

Ooh, so much pretty dystopian fiction. I'm in love already. :)

Zibilee said...

I have read a handful of these, but there are a bunch that are new to me. I am going to look back at these reviews and try to decide which of these others I'd like to read as well. Thanks for posting this, it's awesome!!

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read that post. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Best regards
Alice Tudes

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Jana said...

I am so sad I missed the whole month! I have read 18 total from both lists. I look forward to August for another dystopian month!

lulilut said...

If I counted correctly, I've read 30 on your list.
"Genesis" by Bernard Beckett blew my mind. Realizing what was actually on the cover... Mind blown!

When I read 'The Passage' by Justin Cronin I didn't know this was part of a trilogy and I could have screamed in frustration when I finished the book and read an Q&A at Amazon that the next book may be out in _2_ years.

I love this genre and the list you put together, I'm gonna use it as a reference for my to-read list.

Tiff said...

Oh my word, I've read 29 of these! Plus another 8 that you don't have listed, some of which are parts of series you listed.

If loving dystopian/post apocalyptic lit (esp. YA) is a disease, I must be infected!

Emily said...

I haven't read too many of these, but I guess that just leaves more room for exploring!

Without having read A Clockwork Orange, but knowing a bit of it's plot, I'd say it's a medical dystopia more than anything. Alex, to be conditioned out of his violent tendencies, is subject to therapies we would see as very controversial. That might be stretching it though.

As for Brave New World, I'd call it more of a social dystopia than a political one. John's demise comes not from government blocks, but from his inability to understand why society functions the way it does, and that people are happy with lives he sees as disgusting.